size? Captures: Creators Series IWM – @customsbyleanne

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On this Creators Series edition, we’re continuing to celebrate some of the fantastic female talents within our community and showcasing the brilliant hand-painted footwear customisation skills of @customsbyleanne.

If you’re unfamiliar with her work, then you definitely need to check out her Instagram. The detail within her customs is second to none, and we were very lucky to catch up with Leanne as she reworks a pair of Nike Air force 1s for us. Take a look below…

For this piece, Leanne wanted to create a shoe that captures and the spirit and essence of a woman. Taking a more abstract approach to what her work usually looks like, she wanted to create a complete transformation of the plain white Air Force 1.

“I used fabric dye to colour the trainers. Paint doesn’t usually remain durable on the midsole, so doing an all-over dye helps create a long-lasting finish,” Leanne tells us.

“I then painted the marbled swirl effect using different shades of green. I wanted the main colour to be green. It’s not an obviously feminine colour, but I wanted the colour to be natural with earthy tones.”

She went on to explain, “the subtle feminine figure on the outside of both shoes blends in with swirls across the entire shoe. I wanted to blend this to show the physical form isn’t as important as the energy women create. I added a pale purple blend around the female form to emphasise the aura.”

Keep checking back on the size blog for more instalments to our Creators Series.

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