size? Captures: Creators Series IWM – @picklemedesigns

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For this instalment to our Creators Series, we’re continuing to celebrate some of the fantastic female talents within our community and catching up with University of Leeds Fashion Design graduate Caitlin Finan – aka Pickle Me – once more.

Those of you who seen Pickle Me’s previous Creators Series project will know that the brand is focused on reworking vintage and pre-loved garments into unique, fashionable bags and is passionate about being as eco-friendly as possible. 

For this project, Pickle Me decided to create a small range of bags – the brand’s speciality – using a few Nike products. Take a look below!

“To get the most out of 2 garments I planned out the best position of my pattern pieces so that I could get the best fabric utilisation and be left with minimal waste. I worked out that I could make 4 bags from each garment.” 

“I planned designs for each of the bags and then worked out what other components I would need to create them.” 

“I try to be as eco-friendly as possible when sourcing other fabrics that are included in my designs to ensure the final product is made from mainly upcycled fabrics.” 

“With this in mind, I used fabric from pre-loved t-shirts for the linings of all the bags.” 

“Each of the bags took around 2-4 hours to create, from cutting the fabric and sewing to the finished product.” 

Keep checking back on the size blog for more instalments to our Creators Series.

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