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For our latest size? collections, we spoke to UK rapper Nick Brewer about his favourite records. After recently teasing his forthcoming EP with a smooth single called “No Face To The Words”, it felt like the perfect time to talk to the London-born rapper about his expansive range of influences. From legendary albums by Nas to more modern spectacles from Drake, Nick Brewer has a rich sonic tapestry to gain inspiration from – check out his collection below.

Eric B & Rakim – Paid In Full

“I’ve listened to a lot of late 80s Hip Hop in the past few years, but in my opinion, none of it has aged as well as this album. Rakim showcases such innovation with his lyricism and flow, and this album presents a strong argument that he may be the greatest rapper ever. The production and sampling from Eric B is special, and this album is a certified classic.”

Nas – Illmatic

“My favourite album made by my favourite rapper. From start to finish, this album is flawless. Nas paints a picture with words unlike any other and listening to this album feels like I’m being transported to Nas’s Queensbridge every time I hear it. I will never get bored of listening to this album.”

Drake – Take Care

“This album was a soundtrack for my early 20s. The artwork is so over the top and hilarious, but I love it. So many great songs on this album and the production and content had a big influence on me as a rapper. Honourable mention to The Weeknd too, who played a key part in creating this album.”

The Wailing Wailers

“I love Bob Marley and The Wailers, and their full-length LP shows something different. Bob Marley and Peter Tosh look a bit different on the artwork, but this album showed glimpses of just how great a songwriter Bob Marley would become.”

Kano – Home Sweet Home

“A certified UK classic. As a young kid growing up in East London, Kano was a huge inspiration, and he continues to be there. One of the greatest lyricists ever, and this album is one of the best albums to ever come out of the UK in my opinion.”

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