size? collections – Mason Maynard – DJ

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We caught u with Manchester’s very own up-and-coming DJ Mason Maynard to take a look at his footwear rotation and his rather impressive haul of fridge magnets – it’s not your everyday collection, we know.

Dig in…

size? collections - Mason Maynard

“I’ve loved trainers for as long as I can remember. I think they’re essential and for some reason, it’s the first thing people look at when they see you.”

AM90 Glasgow

“I think it stems back to seeing rappers on MTV cribs and in music videos with entire rooms full of them so now that old enough to be getting myself some of the dearer ones with my own money; I’m trying to get as many of my old and new favourites as I can. Strictly Nike only ( & Jordan brand).”

Fridge Magnets

“The fridge magnets I try to get one every time I play in a country I haven’t been to before and before DJing that was most of them haha. I like having them just as a quick reminder to how lucky I’ve been to ever get to some of these places and how much I can’t wait to go back!”

Keep checking back on the size blog for more size? collections.

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