size? collections – Lunakai – Music Producer & Visual Artist

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For our first size? collections instalment of 2021, we take a look at Music Producer & Visual Artist Lunakai‘s vinyl collection. Keep on scrolling to take a look at the music that has helped to shape his craft.

Trouble Funk Live In London

Trouble Funk – the legends! They’ve been sampled by The Beastie Boys, Snoop Dogg and Public Enemy. Fire go-go beats from Washington. I came across this record in The Book and Record Bar in West Norwood and couldn’t resist seeing as it’s a live in London version.”

Vibration Black Finger EP

“I can’t remember how I came across this record, I’m not sure if it was digging on Bandcamp or hearing it on a Gilles Peterson show. Either way, it was the track ‘In Rhythm’ from this record that made me have to have it. I really like the psychedelic, minimal cover too.”

The Congos – Heart Of The Congos

“This is a record I was lucky enough to grow up listening to, my dad used to play this when I was a kid and ‘Fisherman‘ is sitting somewhere in my top songs of all-time list.”

Dur-Dur Band – Dur Dur of Somalia – Volume 1, Volume 2

“Another find from the wonders of Bandcamp. This entire record is amazing, as is everything Analog Africa bring to our attention.”

ESG – A South Bronx Story

“ESG is another band that has been blowing my mind since I was a teenager. There’s nothing quite like them and this album is a magical, moody and funky record that everyone needs to hear.”

Funkadelic – Hardcore Jollies

Funkadelic, another band I can credit my dad for bringing me up on. This album was one of the first records I had. I was obsessed with ‘Cosmic Slop’ and the artwork. I used to be super into illustration as a kid and this album had it all. ”

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