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Yorkshire-born DJ & producer Hot Since 82 is certainly a man who knows his Ewok’s from his Wookies. His Star Wars figurine collection is truly exceptional; enough to make anyone’s inner child green with envy.

Keep on scrolling and give it a glance below…

“I’ve been collecting vintage Star Wars figurines for a long time now and it’s something I’m very passionate about. It’s quite a rare collection I’m proud of these babies! I loved watching Star Wars as a kid and it was always my dream to one day have a collection of my own.”

“This one is a highly sought after Boba Fett. The Boba character is a fan favourite and also my favourite! It’s unique because it’s on a Star Wars, ‘New Hope’ back card, but Boba never actually featured in that movie! It wasn’t until the next movie that he first appeared. I guess George Lucas edited him out of the first movie and forgot to tell the toymakers. Pretty cool!”

“Here is a ‘Vinyl Cape Jawa’. It’s one of the figurines I like the most and is also now one of the rarest. This is because Kenner, the toymakers, had to pull it off the shelves when it first came out as they were worried that the plastic cape might choke some kids.”

“Above you can see how I display the vast majority of my Star Wars collection, all in movie order. This is in my studio and I think it looks pretty cool. It’s nice to make some music in here be able to look at my figurines at the same time. It makes me happy! My childhood dreams are complete.”

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