We’re working with Wild in the City for our The North Face Steep Tech collaboration

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In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we have teamed up with The North Face to create an exclusive Steep Tech collection. The original collection launched in 1991 and was designed by extreme skier Scot Schmidt; the collection’s connection with nature has always been embedded within the ethos of the apparel. One of the highlights of this collection is The North Face Steep Tech Apogee jacket – size? Exclusive. We will be releasing 20 jackets and you can enter a raffle for £20, with all funds going towards a community interest group called Wild in the City. 

Wild in the City Logo

Wild in the City is an organisation which aims to help adults and children in urban communities connect with nature more, offering traditional woodland living skills, hiking, natural history, ecotherapy, research and consultancy. This community interest group shares similarities to the Steep Tech collection; they both relate to embracing the outdoors and have a connection with urban culture. The company creates a community for those who want the opportunity to form a bond with nature, by using bushcraft, natural history and ecotherapy to build better relationships to the outdoors.


Wild in the City

In the midst of a second national lockdown, the company is even more relevant, as many communities will find it hard to reach green space and having a connection with nature is crucial for people’s health.

Wild in the City

Beth Collier, the Director of Wild in the City, outlined five key areas to focus on in life, and in lockdown: 


This is the central aim of the company, and in a lockdown, it is even more crucial to remember to connect. Collier quotes, “nature can be befriended, just like with any relationship, it deepens the more time you spend with someone and lockdown has presented this opportunity to nurture connection through regular companionship.”


According to Collier, this is one of the positive effects of connecting with nature; chemicals released by trees benefit our nervous systems, nature also decreases stress while helping to battle depression and anxiety. 


One of the major issues with connecting with nature is the availability of it, with around 2.6 million people in Britain without access to green space within a ten-minute walk. This may not seem like much, but with the restricted time outdoors, time becomes even more valuable. 


It is simple, time spent roaming the outdoors not only benefits your mind, but it is also very healthy for your body. 


Collier recognises the value of healthy relationships both with the outdoors and loved ones, nature can help us make these bonds as healthy as possible. 

Wild in the City

While a lot of the company’s activities such as organised walks, festivals etc. might be put on hold due to the current global situation, you can still check out their Black Nature Narratives podcast, hosted by Beth Collier.

Wild in the City
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