size? collections – Angus Stuart – aka Hermitude’s El Gusto

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For this size? collection, we’re taking a look at what Angus Stuart – aka El Gusto from hip hop duo Hermitude – has got in his record rotation.

size? collections – Angus Stuart – aka Hermitude's El Gusto

El Gusto currently lives in Australia’s Blue Mountains and is currently writing Hermitude’s 7th album. He tells us,

“I’m showing my vinyl collection today as I love music and it’s shaped who I am. I decided to focus on the albums that helped mould me and my musical style, not so much rarities,”

“I recently moved house and set up my collection and got rid of about a quarter of it. I only want music and albums that I want to listen to in my collection.”

Keep on reading to check out a few of El Gusto’s favourites…

Herbie Hancock – Headhunters

Herbie Hancock - Headhunters

“This was a pinnacle album for me and helped shape my ear for feel and production. The sound of this album just connected with me. Listen to the drums on Chameleon or Watermelon Man, they’re so tight! Musically, it taught me about groove and playing or performing together.”

Portishead – Dummy

Portishead - Dummy

“Every now and then a group comes along that helps shape a new style of music. Portishead did that with Dummy. I remember being on the school bus home and a girl from the year above was listening to her walkman, I asked her what she was listening to, and she put the headphones on my ears and it just blew me away. Top 5 producers in my books.”

Burial – Untrue

Burial - Untrue

“Some producers just know how to create atmosphere and put the listener right into a space and time. Burial is just so unique, and I keep coming back to this album. You know it’s all-time when the sound never ages.”

King Curtis – Live at Fillmore West

King Curtis - Live at Fillmore West

“Memphis Soul Stew, it’s the first time I heard Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie on the drums. I’m a drummer and it helped me learn about groove too. If you ever get a chance look up Bernard Purdies instructional Drum video, it’s not just drums but a lesson in funk and life! it’s also hilarious.”

Outkast – Stankonia

Outkast - Stankonia

“I had to add this one cause it turned up in the post today! It’s 20 years since this bad-boy was released and I just had to have it. I already have a copy, but this new release is marbled vinyl 20th anniversary edition! Plus, what an incredible album.”

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