Yung Omz is our 28th size? sessions Mix guest

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Joining us this week for number 28 in the size? sessions mix series is Manchester’s own @yung_omz. Omz is part of the cities renowned Mvson collective who’ve been blossoming for a fair few years now.

He’s set to join us this Friday, so while you eagerly anticipate that, give his exclusive interview a read below.

Yung Omz

Tell us about yourself; where you’re from, what you do and what’s your shoe size?

“I’m omz part a DJ, producer and creative, and I am 1/3 of Mvson Collective. shoe size 10.” 

How did you get started in the music industry?

“We started hosting our own shows around the age of 17 (Using a fake ID to get into our own parties lol). The intention behind this was to give ourselves a platform/space to play at the time, and from there I never looked back.”

How would you describe your music style?

“A mood board, For me I aim to educate people every time I play so anything that is worthy of this.”

Yung Omz

What has been your record of the year so far, and what are you looking forward to hearing for the rest of the year?

“My favourite artists right now are Brent Faiyaz for sure, anything he’s touching right now I’m gassed about.” 

Have you been making much music recently and can we expect some releases soon?

“Yeah, myself and the rest of the collective have a bunch of heat we are sat on right now – you’ll see a few bits drop before the years out for sure.” 

Has there been a particular event/party that has stood out for your career?

“Hosting your own party is always untouchable, in a non-biased way I would say any of our Mvson parties have been real standouts for us. Other than that LA & Costa Rica this year were real crazy shows.” 

Yung Omz

And looking further ahead, who should we be looking out for in 2021?

“There are some amazing artists in the scene right now, I post loads of these constantly on my socials so follow my handle @yung_omz and stay looped to who we are constantly bumping.” 

On Friday you’re broadcasting an exclusive size? sessions Mix for us. What can we expect to hear?

“Right now, I’m using music to keep my mindset as clear as possible, so I’m going to dedicate this mix to everyone that needs that go to focus soundtrack. This one’s for all my gs that are on the grind right now, whether your building a new project, trying to focus on a PB in the gym or simply looking for something to play whilst working on that world domination plan, this one is for you.” 

Outside of the music industry, where do you look for inspiration?

“I listen to a lot of motivational podcasts, also listening to other peoples life stories via podcasts is something that gets the motivational side of my brain going. And ofc my city, Right now everyone in Manchester is trying a ting and succeeding, it’s a very motivational place to be right now.” 

Yung Omz

What are your top 3 records of all time?

“AstroThunder – Travis Scott 

Blow the whistle – Tooshort 

Burnski – Malibu.” 

What are your top 3 trainers of all time?

“adidas x Raf Simons Ozweego series 

Jordan x Travis Scott Air Jordan 4

Nike Air Force 1.”

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