size? syllabus – working with our university & student communities

Over the last 20 years, size? has had a strong connection with our community, none more important than the creative and student factions; to build upon this, we’re introducing the size? syllabus.

Higher education allows students to expand their portfolio and experiment with different media to work out who they are, and where they want to be in the future, and we believe that nurturing creative talent at an early stage is key in the development of a craft. The ‘syllabus’ acknowledges how crucial the student focus is to the marketplace.

Working directly with the UK’s most creative universities, size? syllabus is a collaboration with the institution’s fashion and creative departments, offering live briefs and industry-level access, guidance and critique. Taking part in the size? syllabus will give students a unique opportunity to work with us to gain invaluable knowledge at one the world’s leading streetwear retailers.

GFW 2019

Talent deserves recognition, right? We’re always looking on building up and showcasing the best creative talent and size? syllabus offers universities and their students to gain coverage on our channels whilst working with us, as well as having input on up and coming campaigns with ourselves and some of the world’s biggest brands.

GFW 2018

It won’t be the first time we’ve teamed up with the student community though; we’ve been a key partner of Graduate Fashion Week for the last 3 years, involving ourselves directly in onsite activations and award sponsorships, we have most importantly assisted students and universities with final collections and exhibitions unveiled at GFW and most recently sponsoring the Fashion Photography Award in 2018the Fashion Styling & Creative Direction Award at GFW ’19, and most recently judging the Footwear Design Award at this year’s event. 

GFW 2019

And it’s not just Graduate Fashion Week that’s seen us work with creative students, our Creators Series initiative has showcased some of the brightest talents out there. So too has our Converse ‘Multipatch’ campaign – those are just a taste of what students can expect.

GFW 2019

So, if we’ve tickled your interest and would like to know more or request a copy of the size? syllabus, whether you’re from a university or a student who wants to let your uni know of this opportunity, please get in touch here: syllabus@size.co.uk.

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