We’ve headed behind the scenes with Vans ahead of our latest Vans Anaheim Old Skool ‘Factory Floor’ exclusive

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Our relationship with the skate experts over at Vans goes way back. We’ve been cooking up silhouettes with the Californian brand for years, and there’s one collection more than any other that probably comes to mind, and that’s our ‘Factory Floor’ series.

As well as revealing our next chapter, we’ve also taken a look behind the scenes at Vans HQ to meet a few of the brains behind the business. Watch the videos below and get to know a little bit more about the history of the iconic skate brand we all know today.

From the Factory Floor Episode 1: Steve Van Doren

First up, we’re talking to self-proclaimed ‘Chief Fun Officer’ and a man who’s been working for the brand since its inception in ’66, Steve Van Doren.

Steve is the son of one of Van’s founders, Paul Van Doren. He regales us with memories of the original Anaheim Factory, the birthplace of Vans, his time working on the assembly line and some of the characters he remembers from the early days.

From the Factory Floor Episode 2: Catherine Acosta

On episode 2, we caught up with Catherine Acosta. Catherine is Vans’ Archivist & Historian, here she discusses the significance of Anaheim in sneaker culture, Vans’ Californian roots and tells the story of the inception of Style #36 (aka the Old Skool).

From the Factory Floor Episode 3: Bob Provost

Bob Provost is a 41-year Vans employee, he has Vans style numbers and colourways etched in his memory from all his years with the brand. He gives a shot at what our size? exclusive style and colour number would’ve been back in the ’60s & ’70s.

From the Factory Floor Episode 4: Luis Torres

Luis works in the product team in Vans Global HQ and was the designer that worked to bring our patchwork factory floor idea to life – he explains the process as well as the choice and selection of prints and materials. Take a look!

From the Factory Floor Episode 5: Rian Pozzebon

Rian & his team are the masterminds behind the development of Vans’ Anaheim Factory Collection. Special details from the original factory spec are featured all over the shoes. We’re proud to be celebrating Vans’ rich heritage during our 20th anniversary year on this re-issue of one of our most sought after collaborative projects.

Vans Anaheim Old Skool 'Factory Floor' size? Exclusive

It kicked off in 2018 with a heritage-inspired, playful patchwork reinterpretation of the famed Old Skool silhouette, and we’ve added to the series twice more since; now it’s time for us to introduce you to our fourth instalment.

Vans Anaheim Old Skool 'Factory Floor' size? Exclusive

For this edition, we’re nodding back to 2018’s patchwork Old Skool and bringing the sought-after silhouette back with Vans’ famed ‘Anaheim’ tooling for a much more premium finish.

Vans Anaheim Old Skool 'Factory Floor' size? Exclusive

Our latest model is inspired by a mix of vintage and modern fabric scraps that you’d find on the floor of Vans’ custom factory. The upper boasts a plethora of different patterns and textures that are scattered across the pair for a truly playful aesthetic.

Vans Anaheim Old Skool 'Factory Floor' size? Exclusive

This time around, we opted for a more ’90s version of the Style 36 – or as it’s better known the Old Skool – and decorated it with a few special Anaheim factory details throughout.

One of which is the pair’s midsole texture – give ‘From the Factory Floor Episode 5‘ a watch above for more info!

The Vans Anaheim Old Skool ‘Factory Floor’ has now sold out online, please contact your local store for availability.

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