size? x adidas Originals ‘Havana’, Trimm Star ‘The Lost Ones’ and much more – size? previews – September 2020

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Welcome back to another episode of size? previews! This month we’ve got a special adidas Originals themed episode for you, where we’ve taken a look at a few of the latest releases to arrive at size? in the coming months, alongside a couple of our own exclusive projects we’ve been working on in the background.

adidas Originals SL76 – size? Exclusive

Kicking things off, we take a look at our last colourway of the year on the SL76. As we mentioned in previous episodes, we’ve been fortunate to have had the silhouette itself exclusive to size? for the whole of 2020, and have told a few different narratives through the West Germany Inspired pack, and last months ‘Montreal 76’ themed duo. This latest colourway harks back to more of an archival ‘chocolate brown’ style colourway.

adidas Originals Japan

Following on from last months preview of Paris, we follow up with the Japan. Sitting on the same midsole unit as it’s predecessor, it’s very different to say, the city series shapes we’ve seen releasing in recent times. Very slim in both width and side profile, it’s been a good few years since we’ve seen it on shelves, but its definitely a welcome return!

adidas Originals City Series ‘Koln’

The next addition to the city series see’s the Koln make a return in one of its original colourways. The whole City Series line-up this year has brought back some great shoes from the archives, and we think it’s only going to get stronger as we finish up the year and move into 2021.

adidas Originals Trimm Star – ‘The Lost Ones’ – size? Exclusive

There are hundreds of shoes that have released over the years that we’d love to give people the chance of owning by reissuing somehow, but it’s unfortunately not that simple! Moulds and Lasts for many shoes no longer exist, materials aren’t readily available, the list goes one. Through our latest project titled ‘The Lost Ones’ we’re looking to further bring back some of our favourite archival colourways. Many will be from shoes that aren’t readily available to produce the whole thing 1-to-1, so like this first example of the Archer colourway replicated on the Trimm Star, we’re trying to get as close as we can!

size? x adidas Originals City Series – Havana

Lastly, we take a closer look at the fourth instalment to our 2020 Anniversary City Series, the Havana. Twinned with Glasgow from 2010’s collection, Havana channels some of the vibrant colours that line the streets throughout the Cuban capital, quite a stark contrast to the deep navy and pink found on it’s sibling.

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