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Ahead of her size? sessions (20:20 Mix), Manchester-based DJ Paulette has shared her collections of plants, magnets, hats, trainers and more with us.

“It’s funny;” – Paulette tells us, “when I thought about picturing collections other than my records, I really thought I had none. Then I realised that once you collect one thing, you start to collect everything that resonates with you. Here are nine collections. I have more.”

It’s a little different than any collection we’ve shared here on the size? blog, have a flick through below…

Succulents and Cacti

“My collection started with two mini presents from my sisters Elicia and Elizabeth, the rest I bought as tiny £1.50 supermarket seedlings. What I love about them is that they always find a way. As long as you don’t overwater them, cacti and succulents are wired to survive and thrive in the worst conditions. And when you love them, they go bonkers.”

Drama llamas and statement plants

“I am obsessed with dramatic markings, angles and form. The bushy and imposing Bamboo Palm is the star of my live streams from home. The Begonia Maculata inspired the sole detail for Christian Louboutin. And you can’t beat a fully fenestrated Monstera Delicioso to switch up the ambience in any room.”

Space hoggers

“These are the first plants I bought in 2018 when I moved into my house, and they are now bigger than their respective corners. I love the colour of the Philodendron Imperial Red and her once a year flower, and the Zamioculcas are my living room pride and joy. Just in view below the Imperial Red, you will see another collection – art books – but that is for another day.”


“I tend to buy these wherever I see them. Ganesha is my spirit sign – the elephant-headed God, born out of trauma, a symbol of overcoming struggles. The patron of intellectuals, bankers, authors, the arts and creatives. Remover of obstacles. I bought the brown engraved pair on tour in India in September 2001, the day before 9/11, 

“The ornate little one was a present from my friend Leena when I left Ibiza. Elephants remember kindness and remind me that I am capable of creation and destruction and to be mindful of balancing that. Oh, and it’s trunks up for protection and positioned facing the door or the window.”

Fridge magnets

“Guilty airport, bookshop and travel pleasures. I had more but have lost plenty moving around. There are all sorts of subliminal messages and souvenirs on there from Warhol and Lichtenstein to MOMA and Guide Dogs for The Blind yet I have put the quote – DOUBT EVERYTHING, FIND YOUR OWN LIGHT – centre stage for the last 16 years. Aimant La Bouffe is also an invitation to treat!”


“You can’t beat a good titfer. The mirrored one was a 50th birthday present – handmade by Brett Dearden whilst the bowler hat with the furry ears is a souvenir of being an Ibiza Rocks resident at Pacha in 2014/5. The rest are sports, vintage, Zara and all are worn regularly and with pride.”

French cookery books

“I lived in Paris for nine years and cooking/following recipes is one of the ways that I learned to speak and read French. Paul Bocuse (RIP) was one of my favourites – I loved his restaurants in Lyon too. I still cook from French recipes – I think it keeps your mind agile (and the recipes are soooooo good)!”


“Even though I love expensive trainers I buy trainers to work in and do sport. I can’t do painful sports footwear! I have had a long love affair with Stella McCartney for adidas since she launched the range in 2005; Jeremy Scott also (have had more pairs than pictured and wore them all to death), 

“I liked the Pharrell range before it got too Kanye – not a fan of the sock shoe (note those socky Stellas are pretty pristine). Falcons are my every day, dog walking, high kicking best friends – I have five pairs – could buy more.”


“I am a star child. I am the wise crone interval in the Mother Earth continuum. I take my crystals out to the garden to clean them under every full moon. I believe. That is all.”

Alice in Wonderland

“Alice in Wonderland is one of my top 10 children’s stories that I re-read no matter what age. The paperback pictured was my reference for my Alice In Wonderland 40th birthday party (hence the page markings), the two pop-up books were presents for my 40th – one French from Montreal and one English from Paris; the Salvador Dali illustrated version was bought last year, just because.”

Keep checking back on the size blog for more size? collections.

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