We’re back at Carnaby Street to talk footwear & fashion with Sherelle

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We’re back down in the Big Smoke yet again to catch up with our staff over at Carnaby Street, and this time we’re chatting all things footwear and fashion with our size? Expert Sherelle.

What’s your name and where are you from originally? 

“My name is Sherelle and I’m originally from Bradford.”

How long have you been working with us at size? 

“I have worked for size? 2 years.”

How would you describe your style? 

“Cosy and practical. I like to be comfortable.”

Tell us about a few of your favourite shoes of all time. 

“One of my favourite shoes ever is the Nike Air Zoom Spiridon. I have two pairs of the OG reissue which launched in 2016. Another favourite would be the Air Jordan 1 ‘Rookie of the Year’.”

Any shoes you’d like to see brought back in the future that hasn’t been reissued recently? 

“I would like to see the Air Max 96 reissued but with a bigger air bubble. When they last got reissued they used an ultra air unit instead, I believe they should use an Air Max 95 air unit if they ever make them again.”

What are you wearing a lot of at the moment? What shoes are in your regular rotation? 

“My Rotation is New Balance 990s and 992s, Jordan 1s and Air Forces at the moment. I can’t keep the grey New Balance 992s off my feet at the moment, they’re so comfy and go with everything.”

What are some of your biggest influences – music, fashion, sport?

“I would say that music influences the way I dress, I believe fashion always comes back around. ’90s fashion is around at the moment mixed with Japanese fashion. The people around me influence the way I dress.”

Anywhere you look to for inspiration? 

“Whenever I purchase a pair of trainers, I find myself looking on Instagram to see how other people are wearing them and what they’re wearing them with.”

What sort of things do you like to get up to outside of work? Any personal passions in life?

“I enjoy mixing music and gaming. I like to play football and watch it when possible.”

What sort of products would you say your city’s really buying into at the moment? 

“You can’t keep Jordan 1s on the shelves. Air Max is a culture classic in London. It’s the same where I’m from, any shoe from Air Max 90s to 95s is a big go-to for many people.” 

What products that we’re currently stocking at size? at the moment do you think people should be taking notice of? 

“I think people need to take notice of New Balance models more, the shoes are so comfy and always go with everything. Also, the Nike Blazer has made a comeback so people should take notice of that shoe because that shoe goes with everything too.”

Anything new or innovative that’s arrived that you think has the potential to be big this year?

“The Nike Space Hippie has huge potential to do very well this year. To me, it’s pretty much Nike’s version of the adidas YEEZY. The way the shoe looks on foot and the comfort levels mean it has huge potential.”

Are there any particular brands or types of footwear you’d consider yourself more of an expert on? 

“Coming from the North of England I have a lot of knowledge on adidas trainers, but I would deem myself an expert in Air Max and Jordan Brand as they’re the reason I became a sneakerhead.”

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