size? captures: Creators Series – How to upcycle clothing with BC GARMZ

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The next instalment to our Creators Series sees clothing custom experts BC GARMZ putting a distressed twist on a Fred Perry sweatshirt, check out their guide below…

The Bleaching

Before bleaching, make sure you cover anything you don’t want bleached. BC GARMZ used cardboard and parcel tape to cover the embroidered logo.

On to the bleaching; BC GARMZ took normal bathroom bleach and put it into a spray bottle.

Make sure you are in a ventilated area (outside if possible) and wear rubber gloves. Wear a mask if you can while spraying to protect yourself from the fumes.

Leave to soak for 15 minutes.

Rinse your top with cold water to try and get rid of the bleach that is sitting in your clothing. Then put it in the washing machine on a cold wash with no detergent and hang it out to dry.

The cropping

Measure your top to the length you want it, and mark on your jumper where the measurements are.

Cut along your jumper, then cut along the bottom strip.

Unpick any material left on the bottom strip of your jumper; this is what you will sew back onto the bottom of your cropped sweatshirt.

Then, pin the strip to the bottom of the jumper. To make it easier for sewing, pin the bottom fabric at the two sides and then in the middle on both the front and back.

Sew (on zig-zag) along the line you have just pinned.

While sewing, pull the piece of fabric you unpicked to keep it nice and scrunched at the bottom.

Once finished, sew a straight line of topstitch just above the piece of fabric. This will make the jumper look neater overall.

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