size? captures: Creators Series: How to tie-dye clothing with @tidy_tiedye

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After feeling they were paying too much for tie-dye socks, Tidy Tie-Dye founders Mike and Alexandra decided to take matters into their own hands and have some fun being creative in the kitchen and coming up with their own tie-dye masterpieces. From there, they set up the @tidy_tiedye Instagram page to sell their creations, and the rest is history.

We’re massive fans of their work and you should be too; check out their page for yourselves and take a look at the fantastic creations the duo has cooked up, you won’t be let down.

So, for this Creators Series instalment, we’re honoured to be joined by Tidy Tie-Dye to gain some insight into their design process, keep on scrolling and read their step-by-step guide…

Before you start, find a clear space and lay a plastic sheet down to protect your surface.

Soak the clothes in cool water.

Scrunch and bunch and tie with rubber bands.

Apply the dye. Be careful not to add too much as all the colours will bleed into each other leaving you with no patterns.

Leave the dye to do its work – Tidy Tie-Dye recommend 6+ hours.

Un-tie and rinse thoroughly in cool water until the water runs clear, then wash in the washing machine at no higher than 40 degrees.

Finally, leave it to dry and then iron out the creases. It’s that easy!

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