We took another trip to Glasgow to chat to our size? Expert

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Well, it’s pretty clear that our Glaswegian staff certainly know a thing or two about streetwear, so we’ve headed back up to the Scottish city to catch up with another one of our size? Experts, Jake Kelly.

What’s your name and where are you from originally?

“My name is Jake and I’m from Glasgow.”

How long have you been working with us at size?

“I have been with size? For one and half years now; I originally joined as a Christmas temp.”

How would you describe your style?

“Recently, I’ve been getting into tech/trail wear trend. For example, I’ve been wearing a lot of Nike ACG and Gramicci.” 

Tell us about a few of your favourite shoes of all time?

“The ‘Stash’ Air Max 95 – possibly the best Air Max of all time. 

Nike SB x Stussy ‘Cherry’ Dunk Low Pro – perfect combo. 

Dizzee Rascal x Ben Drury x Nike ‘Tongue n Cheek’ Air Max 90 – nothing beats Dizzee Rascal, nevermind pairing him with Air Max!” 

Are there any shoes you’d like to see brought back in the future that hasn’t been reissued recently?

“The Air Max 95 OG ‘Neon Green’ is a joint top with the AM95 Stash, there’s not a single flaw about the shoe.”

What shoes are you wearing a lot at the moment? 

“Air Max 95s, New Balance 990s, Nike ACG, Stussy, Arcteryx, Carhartt WIP.”

What are some of your biggest influences – music, fashion, sport?

“In terms of music and fashion, it’s mostly ’90s hip hop and my favourite designer, Massimo Osti.” 

Where do you look for inspiration?

“A few Instagram accounts that I love at the moment are, @originalshift, and @114.index.”

What sort of things do you like to get up to outside of work? Do you have any personal passions in life?

“Football, DJing, and working on @gsixseven.

What sort of products would you say your city’s really buying into at the moment?

“Jordans; especially 1s. It’s definitely because of The Last Dance, which is the best lockdown viewing by the way.” 

What products that we’re currently stocking at size? at the moment do you think people should be taking notice of?

“New Balance 327 – the size? Exclusive colourways are so good.”

Is there anything new or innovative that’s arrived that you think has the potential to be big this year?

“Nike React Visions, there’s no other shoe that’s similar at the moment.” 

What would you say some of the most worn styles are in Glasgow?

Air Max is very prominent in Glasgow, and the AM95 is especially important.” 

Are there any particular brands or types of footwear you’d consider yourself more of an expert on? 

“Nike is what I know best: from SB to Air Max to ACG.”

Having been one of our Experts from the start, do you think people found the service helpful?

“Yes, from the experience I have had being a size? Expert, I’d like to think I’ve always been as informative and as helpful as possible.”

Tell us about some of the great benefits of the service?

“Human interaction is a definite benefit, as many customer service lines and chats are often controlled by robots and automated systems.” 

What does being a ‘size? Expert’ mean to you?

“I think it’s important that I can continue to provide good customer service through a new way of shopping. In the long term, it also builds customer loyalty when speaking to local customers, which we as a store value.” 

Is there anything you’re planning to learn more about so you can help out customers that bit extra?

“We have a very big adidas Originals following in Glasgow, so I am actively trying to learn more about past and present adidas releases to provide the best possible service for all customers.” 

What are some of the most commonly asked questions you tend to receive? 

“How certain products fit, and most often we get asked for information regarding certain size? Exclusives.” 

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