We spoke to Mr Thing ahead of his size? sessions (20:20 Mix)

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Number 16 in our size? sessions (20:20 Mix) sees us enlist the help of DJ and Turntablist Mr Thing for our latest mix.

Mastering his craft on the tables since ’87, Mr Thing is renowned as one of the world’s best and is one of the first names that should spring to mind when you think hip hop.

We’ve been lucky enough to catch up with him ahead of this week’s (20:20 Mix) to learn a bit more about the man himself, his musical influences and as always, his favourite footwear.

Tell us about yourself; where you’re from, what you do and what’s your shoe size? 

“My name is Marc aka Mr Thing, been a DJ for 25+ years, I collect records probably a little too much and run I small second-hand record shop in Hastings with my friend in my spare time, and a Size 9. “

How did you get started in the music industry? 

“I started out doing local parties in Kent where I grew up, and that coupled with lots of regular trips to London to buy records ended up with getting gigs and then joining the then newly founded Scratch Perverts DJ crew in the mid-90s. It’s been a rollercoaster ever since!” 

How would you describe your music style? 

“I like to play a variety of things these days but it always fits in the hip hop style in one way or another”

What has been your record of the year so far and what are you looking forward to hearing for the rest of the year? 

“So tough to choose, there have been some amazing records this year already and we’re only halfway through – but I’ve really enjoyed the Sven Wunder LPs, Surprise Chef out of Melbourne, Westside Gunn and one of my favourites from late last year I only just picked up – Skyzoo & Pete Rock’s Retropolitan.” 

Have you been making much music recently and can we expect some releases soon?

“As soon as lockdown started, I went on a bit of beat making frenzy so I’ve got quite a bit tucked away, hopefully for a future release. I also started on some new tracks with Micall Parknsun, and I’m also happy to say Essa and I have something in the works too, so in that respect, it’s been good. I’ve also been making some edits for my DJ sets when I’m not on vinyl or when I can get some custom 45s pressed up again.”

Has there been a particular event/party that has stood out for your career?

“The first time I ever played in Sydney, Australia with DJ Vadim, never had a crowd like it and made some lifelong friends from then as well. There have been so many great ones over the years but that one has always stood out, just brilliant.”

And looking further ahead, who should we be looking out for in 2021? 

“Sven Wunder – I heard some snippets of some new bits online the other day and it was amazing.”

This Friday you’re broadcasting an exclusive size?sessions (20:20 Mix) for us. What can we expect to hear?

“I put more of a beats-type set together off of 45s, some old and some new and a few hip hop bits as well. So definitely expect some Tall Black Guy, Dilla, very-early Floating Points, El Michels Affair and things like that!” 

Outside of the music industry, where do you look for inspiration?

“I love films; I watch as many as possible when I can, good or bad, and I find that going out to walk the dog is a good head clearer and great for coming up with ideas.” 

What are your top 3 records of all time?  

“That’s a super tough one, but off the top of the head, these are 3 LPs I can’t live without: 

Nas – Illmatic

Donald Byrd – Places & Spaces 

Slum Village – Fantastic Vol. 2″

What are your top 3 trainers of all time?

“adidas Originals Superstars / Pro-Models

Nike Air Safari 

Nike Air Max 1s – I was pretty much only a Superstars wearer until about 8 years ago, and I’ve always loved Air Safaris since I saw Biz Markie wearing them on the back of the Goin’ Off LP cover.”

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