Get to know Lindsey Matthews ahead of her size? sessions (20:20 Mix)

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It’s been an honour to have so many great DJs join us over the past few months to celebrate 20 years of size? with their own exclusive mixes, and this week we’re carrying on the party with Swansea’s very own Lindsey Matthews.

A regular in London and Ibiza, Lindsey’s party-ready house tracks are guaranteed to give you that Friday-feeling, so make sure you tune in to instalment number 15 of our size? sessions (20:20 Mix) series.

Tell us about yourself; where you’re from, what you do and what’s your shoe size? 

“I’m Lindsey Matthews, a DJ & Producer from the small city of Swansea in Wales. I’m currently living in Ibiza & have done for the past 6 years. It feels like home to me, its such a magical place. Shoe size, 5.”

How did you get started in the music industry?

“I’ve always been into music since such a young age. I started dancing when I was 3 all the way up to 16, so that had a massive impact on my love for music. I’ve always listened to music and have been downloading music since I was in school. I started going out getting into the rave scene when I was about 17, got into music a bit more & found the love for house music. I started following the likes of masters at work, daft punk, & just knew that music was in my blood,

“I bought my first pair of decks when I was 20, I locked myself away for 8 hours a day just mixing… I was really surprised at how natural it came to me. I did my first ever season in Ibiza in 2014, my first proper gig was at the top of the west end. I then got noticed and asked to play at Sankeys for Magna Carta, which was a huge deal for me as I hadn’t been DJing for no longer than 6 months,

“I played throughout the season & then started playing out in London, that lead to me to my first residency which was for ABODE. I then had a residency at Sankeys Ibiza, playing every Sunday. I got to play Space, Cafe Mambo & Eden. Things started to kick off for me, which lead me to my residency at Fabric London. Been playing there for almost 2 years & what an honour it is.”

How would you describe your music style?

“It’s hard to categorise your music these days and I don’t like to label it. My style is very groovy and upbeat, 128BPM. I would say it’s in between minimal and deep house, but it’s also very bouncy. I like to mix a vocal or acapella on the third deck, you can’t beat a nice vocal.” 

What has been your record of the year so far, and what are you looking forward to hearing for the rest of the year?

“‘Mattisou – Glow in the Dark’ is a wicked track, I’m proper enjoying his stuff atm. I’m excited to hear what people have been cooking up during the lockdown.”  

Have you been making much music recently and can we expect some releases soon?

“I have been making a lot of music lately; during this lockdown, I’ve used the time wisely to find my own sound and take my production to the next level,

“I have a 2 track EP coming out on Modula Records end of November which I’m proper excited about. I have some other things in the pipeline which I can’t speak about yet, but I have a lot of music ready to be released.” 

Has there been a particular event/party that has stood out for your career?

“Playing Fabric has been amazing; it is always a pleasure. But I have to say when I played Leeds Festival on the Relentless Stage was up there with one of the best moments of my career, a proper life-changing moment.”

And looking further ahead, who should we be looking out for in 2021?

“If I have to mention one person who is proper standing out to me at the moment, it would have to be PACH. His production is sick and his sound is wicked. We’ve just done a collab on a 2 track EP which I’m sure you’ll be hearing very soon.”

This Friday you’re broadcasting an exclusive size?sessions (20:20 Mix) for us. What can we expect to hear?

“I will be playing some of my unreleased stuff, and also a lot of tracks which I’m proper feeling atm. Nice rollers.” 

Outside of the music industry, where do you look for inspiration?

“I get a lot of inspiration from driving around Ibiza, seeing the beautiful island and meeting new people who are on my wavelength. It inspires me to be grateful every day, keeping positive and surrounding myself with good energy.” 

What are your top 3 records of all time?

“Janet Jackson – Together Again,

Lovebirds – I want you in my soul, 

Benediction – Hot Natured.” 

What are your top 3 trainers of all time?

“Nike Air Max 95,

Nike X Odell Beckham Jr Air Max 720 Slip,

Nike Uptempo.” 

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Daniel Meister // Perfect Clouds [Alex Ranerro remix]

Rossi // The People [Mehlor remix]

Mattisou // The Way It Should Be [Daniel Meister remix]

Mattisou // The Way It Should Be [Leaignavibes remix]

Cosenza // SixtyEight

Luuk Van Dijk // Da Revolution [original mix]

Mattisou // Radius

Jordan Masters & One Over // Hollow [unreleased]

Jordan Masters featuring MissTee // No Disguise [unreleased]

Mattisou // Superstition

Stef Davidse // Soleil [Mattisou remix]

Luuk Van Dijk // Moved By Me [Toman remix]

Lindsey Matthews & Chris Gialanze // Inspecta [unreleased]

Lindsey Matthews & Chris Gialanze // Petticoat Lane [unreleased]


Antss // Littleness [original mix]

Lindsey Matthews & PACH // A1- Interval [unreleased]

Love Me Or Leave Me [acapella]

The Martinez Brothers // Space Jams – Together Again [TMB Edit]

Mylo // Drop The Pressure

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