size? collections – Richy Ahmed – DJ, Producer

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Ahead of his size? sessions (20:20 Mix), Richy Ahmed has shared a few of his favourite funk-soul records. Take a look below!

size? collections - Richy Ahmed

Tatsuro Yamashira ‘Circus Town’

Tatsuro Yamashira 'Circus Town'

“A rare Japanese funk-soul album I found in Discogs – it’s amazing!”

Round-Vernian ‘Vifam’

Round-Vernian 'Vifam'

“Electronica funk Japanese – cool spacey vibes.”

Kimiko Kasai ‘We Can Fall In Love’

Kimiko Kasai 'We Can Fall In Love'

“A lovely funk-soul album with lush vocals.”

Travis Bigs ‘Solar Funk’

Travis Bigs 'Solar Funk'

“Again, another rare funk album. Every track is killer!”

Funkadelic ‘Free Your Mind’

Funkadelic 'Free Your Mind'

“Any funkadelic album is next level but this is one of my favs.”

Keep checking back on the size blog for more size? collections.

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