size? captures: Creators Series – How to tie-dye your clothes with Maria Esa

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On this edition of our Creators Series, we’ve teamed up with Fashion Designer Mariah Esa to learn how to tie-dye clothing using only natural dyes. Follow her steps below for an eco-friendly alternative to shop-bought dyes, the results are pretty great!

Step 1: Prepare the veg

Begin by washing and cutting the red cabbage, turmeric and beetroot.

Place the veg into separate pots of boiling water and let it boil for 20 minutes.

Then strain out all the vegetable cuttings, leaving behind only the coloured water.

If you would like a lighter shade, add a dash of fresh lemon juice to the cabbage water mixture.

Step 2: Prepare your clothing

Next, begin to prepare the tops by soaking in a bath of water and salt mixture, then squeeze all excess water out from the top. The salt helps the tee to absorb the colour and last longer.

Step 3: Get tie-dying

Begin to tie your clothing using either a piece string or rubber bands.

Once all tops are tied, pour the colours onto the top to get your aspired design.

Leave it to one side to absorb all the colours for around one hour.

Remove all ties and hang the tops to air dry and voila! You’ve got yourself one summer-ready tie-dyed tee.

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