size? captures: Creators Series – How to re-work your clothes with Youth Junk Vintage

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On this edition of our Creators Series, we’ve reached out to streetwear up-cyclers @youthjunkvintage to learn how to rework two sweatshirts and a pair of socks into a festival-ready outfit.

Keep on scrolling to check out their step-by-step guide!

What you need

Two adidas sweatshirts

A pair of socks


A 12″ zip

“First, I started the whole process by drawing out my initial design. I wanted to go for something that was both true to my store and also the brand I’m representing.

I came up with a cut-out sweat with a matching skirt displaying the adidas classic 3-Stripes down the side. I also wanted to incorporate a triangle bra made from the adidas stocks to go underneath the cut-out.”

How to make the bra

“First, I drew out the pattern for the triangle top with the exact measurements for my chest/bust area and also measured how long and wide I wanted the straps to be.

“To start making the top, I cut the ends off the socks and straight stitched the matching sides together, displaying the double adidas monogram. I then took the triangle pattern and cut out matching pieces from both the socks (my outer layer) and eco-friendly recycled black Lycra (my lining). I stitched both the lining and Lycra together to form the cup.

To make the straps, I cut a tube out of the Lycra and stitched along the side. Once this was done, I pulled the straps inside out to form the tube and stitched to the cup, forming a completed top.”

How to make the top

“The easiest part of the process was the cut-out sweatshirt. For this, I measured how wide I wanted the sweatshirt to be exposed and cut along the line.

I would highly recommend this technique to anyone who is looking to upcycle old sweatshirts into something new and fun but doesn’t have a sewing machine. It’s super easy and gives an edgy vibe to your clothes.”

How to make the bag

“I decided to create a matching wrap-around bum bag to complement the ‘festival look’ I was going for. To make this piece, I measured out two 10”x12” rectangles using the remaining back panel from the sweatshirt.

I stitched both pieces to a 12” zip and then folded the pieces inside out the form the pouch.”

“To add the adidas logo, I cut out the desired size and straight stitched to the centre of the bag. To finish it off, I added the two loops for the Lycra straps and then stitched in place.”

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