size? captures: Creators Series – How to customise shoes and pants with Abbie Beakey

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Sticking with Nottingham Trent University, for this edition of our Creators Series Fashion Communication and Promotion student Abbie Beakey is sharing her shoe and trouser customisation techniques.

From the upside-down Swoosh on the Blazer Mid to the custom crane Dickies Pants, Abbie’s project follows the theme of wings.

Keep on scrolling and see how to do it for yourselves…

How to customise the shoes

Use a needle to unpick the Swooshes from all sides.

Stick the outside Swooshes back on upside down.

Paint the Swooshes using thick acrylic to make a textured effect so they look like wings.

Put PVA glue on the area of the Swoosh you want gold, then apply the gold leaf and scratch off the excess.

For the laces, dip the ends into a red dye and gradually pull them out for an ombré effect. Wait for them to dry then re-lace.

How to customise the trousers

Draw the outline of the crane on the outside of the trouser legs.

Paint the design using a mixture of acrylic paint and fabric medium.

Attach the embroidery hoop to stretch the fabric and hand-stitch the flowers using the ‘lazy daisy’ and ‘spider web rose’ techniques.

Finish off the outfit by dying your socks.

Just like the laces, dip them into red rye and gradually pull them out for an ombré effect.

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