size? captures: Creators Series – How to customise your shoes with Hannah Kirby

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As a Fashion Communication and Promotion Student at Nottingham Trent University, Hannah Kirby is a huge fan of collaboration projects. The inspiration for her Creators Series project all stemmed from her boyfriend talking about the Euros and their postponement until 2021 due to COVID-19.

With this in mind, she wanted to craft something that’s missing from the marketplace due to lockdown and drew her adidas Originals Superstar colour and pattern inspiration from the Euros logo and the 2020 football design.

Take a look at her step-by-step guide below.

How to customise your adidas Originals Superstars

To start off, place masking tape all around the edges of the shoe so that you get a clean, crisp line while painting.

Hannah began painting her Superstars in the teal colour taken from the UEFA Euros logo.

She painted all around the sides of the shoes, including the sole and the 3-Stripes.

Sketch out your desired flag onto your fabric. Then using a thread and needle hand-stitch the design.

Cut around your flag embroidery and carefully stitch it onto the heel of your shoe.

Hannah took inspiration from inspiration from the pattern on the Euros 2020 football and decided to add that onto the front of the shoe.

She outlined the section in lime green marker on the instep, then pink on the outside.

She then used black paint to create a similar effect as the football.

As a final touch, she added ‘2020’ lettering along the outside of the trainer to make the shoe feel exclusive to this year.

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