size? captures: Creators Series – How to customise your trainers with Brandon Haley

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On this instalment of our size? captures: Creators Series, we’re heading over to De Montfort University once more and seeing what we can learn from Footwear Design Student Brandon Haley.

Using both the Nike ACG Zoom Terra Zaherra and the Nike Waffle Racer, Brandon has put his footwear design skills to the test, deconstructing each trainer and fusing them together to create a striking silhouette.

Keep on reading to check out his process.

The Process

The Tongues

Remove tongue from the Waffle Racer and remove black sock-like upper from the ACG Zoom Terra Zaherra, then glue tongue onto the ACG’s pink underlays.

The Uppers

Remove the translucent overlays using a scalpel, then create a bottomless swoosh using a pink wire and hand thread through the pink sock to hold in place. Then unpick stitches on the upper where you would like to add loops for the laces.

The Lace Cover

Tape up the upper to enable you to draw the lace cover design. Then peel the tape off and place the sketch on to a piece of card to cut around the shape. With this stencil, you can then cut the lace cover out of any material you’d like.

Brandon used faux leather and translucent plastic for his cover, but you can use whatever fabrics you’d like, layer them and stitch together and viola.

You can also use the black sock-like upper you removed earlier and stitch on an elastic strap so that it can be held on to the shoe as a removable cover.

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