size? captures: Creators Series – How to customise shoes with Elliott Strausa

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On the next instalment of our size? captures: Creators Series, we’re back at De Montfort University and catching up with Footwear Design Student Elliott Strausa.

A self-confessed size? and New Balance fan, Elliott has created a conceptual size? x New Balance collaboration by taking the brand’s 997H runner, deconstructing it, and putting it back together with a few size?-inspired tweaks.

Keep on reading and we’ll talk you through his process so that you can try it at home.

How to deconstruct and reconstruct a shoe

size? captures: Creators Series – Shoe customisation with Elliott Strausa

Deconstruct each panel

Firstly, using a needle, carefully remove all stitching from the shoes upper panels and remove the ‘N’ logo.

Changing the shoe’s stitching

Follow the shoe’s original stitching lines with a different colour thread and stitch back together using a needle.

Painting the shoe’s logo

While the ‘N’ logo is still removed, use acrylic paint to delicately paint around its border and wait for it to dry.

Reattach the deconstructed panels

Again, follow the original stitching lines of the shoe’s logo and attach using a thread and needle.

Add your laces

Finally, add the original laces – or switch it up with a new set if you fancy – to finish off the customised aesthetic.

size? captures: Creators Series – Shoe customisation with Elliott Strausa

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