A size? guide to keeping busy this summer

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Holidays may have been halted, and concerts cancelled – but you don’t have to let lockdown ruin your summer. Look we know it’s not going to be the same, nevertheless, we thought we’d come up with a few simple suggestions to keep you busy while the British sunshine’s on our side, and for when it isn’t.

Get outdoors

The world is literally your oyster as they say, and if you’re lucky enough to have the sun shining, then what could be better than a simple stroll? Whether you live in the countryside or the city or somewhere in between, we’re pretty sure there’ll be somewhere around for you to get out and stretch your legs. And if you’ve got a bike then even better – get those miles in, keep fit, and keep your mind ticking over.  


With restrictions easing a little and a few outsiders allowed to enter your garden, why not get the BBQ blazing? Good food, great music and hopefully even greater company, when it’s put like that it’s hard to think of a more enjoyable summer activity. 


Now this one might not be for everyone, but sat around a lake, river or canal in the sunshine with a rod in hand can be very tranquil indeed. There can be something quite peaceful about forgetting about what’s going on around you and focusing just on the task at hand, and fishing is one of the perfect activities for this. 

Clear out your wardrobe

We know the sun’s not always going to be on our side, and some days the weather will make the outdoors out of bounds, but why not use this time to have a quick clearout. 

Most of us are guilty of hoarding away clothing we never wear, so having a clearout can make space for clothes you actually use. What’s more, donating the stuff you don’t wear to charity can help to raise money for some great causes.

Brush up on your customisation skills

If you didn’t already know, we’ve recently kicked off a brand new size? captures series that’s all about getting creative with your clothing.

So, if you’ve a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing that you don’t use but you’re not quite ready to throw out just yet, why not get hands-on and transform it into something you’ll use once more. 

In our first instalment to the series, Finn Traber showed us how to turn a pair of cargo pants and shorts into a neat little side bag and matching tote, make sure you check it out.

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