size? collections – Morgan Weekes – Brand Manager at Sneaker Freaker

We’re catching up with an old friend of ours over at Sneaker Freaker to take a look at his selection of PUMA trainers. So without further ado, dig into Morgan Weekes‘ footwear rotation…

PUMA Suede 50th ‘Rudolf Dassler’

PUMA Suede 50th 'Rudolf Dassler'

“size? has kindly asked me to delve into the PUMA section of my archive to pick out a few of my favourites. I, along with many others, consider the Suede [States in the UK] & the Clyde to be a must-have in any rotation. This pair dropped as part of 50th Anniversary, and are a homage to the brand’s founder, Rudolf Dassler. They feature good quality, buttery suede with embroidered detailing on the heel.”

Sesame Street x PUMA Suede ‘Elmo’

Sesame Street x PUMA Suede 'Elmo'

“I thought I’d inject some fun into the mix and this ‘Elmo’ edition should do the trick! Sesame Street’s outlandish and entertaining characters are instantly recognisable, and this pair features extra nappy suede to match The Muppets fur and a repeating embroidered detail of his eyes and orange nose.”

PUMA Prevail OG

PUMA Prevail OG

“I’d class the Prevail as a serious sleeper. Originally dropping in 1994, this shoe screams everything about ’90s footwear design that I love. Exaggerated tooling towards the rear, complicated panelling on the upper and a beautiful fitting, an effortless yet instantly recognisable colourway that’s akin to a popular version of another brand’s neoprene ‘foot hugger’ – these are great and I’m glad I doubled.”

PUMA Clyde ‘signed’

PUMA Clyde 'signed'

“When the Clyde returned a few years ago, they really did it justice with a good shape and quality suede. I know materials are something I’ve mentioned a few times on these posts, but when the majority of your upper features the material it really is important to get it right. The Clyde was an evolution of the Suede and the signature model of Walt Frazier who kindly signed these for me.”

PUMA Inhale

PUMA Inhale

I was lucky enough to be involved with the launch of the Inhale and even shot my first cover for Sneaker Freaker – a massive career goal for me so these hold a special place. The shoe seems to echo design language from the Tuned range, with TPU accents adding support to the upper. It’s a marmite shoe for sure, but it comes from an era within the PUMA archive that is currently untapped and I’m eager to see more of.”

PUMA Suede 50th x Micheal Lau

PUMA Suede 50th x Micheal Lau

“Famed Street Artist Micheal Lau worked with PUMA to produce this intricately detailed Suede for its 50th Anniversary. The upper is nubuck with tonal suede detailing around the heel, laces and Foam Stripe. The zig-zag finish to the edges reminds me of those craft scissor you’d get as a kid, which plays to my inner child. These also came with a vinyl toy reinterpretation of the Big Cat.”

PUMA Suede ‘Lakers’ – Made in Japan

PUMA Suede 'Lakers' - Made in Japan

“I thought I’d go out on a high and you can’t get much better than a pair of MIJs. The materials, shape and build quality surpass everything else on this list, and the rich and vibrant ‘Lakers’ colour really put these on the map for the majority of PUMA collectors. I hope you’ve enjoyed a small look at my collection, check out my page if you’d like to see more!”

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