size? collections – Sally Torabi – Footwear Collector

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Next up on size? collections it’s Sally Torabi. Better knows as @sallysneakers, the footwear enthusiasts rotation is teeming with some of the greatest Nike and Jordan releases of the past few years.

Have a flick through it below…

size? collections - Sally Torabi

Nike Air Force 1 Custom

Nike Air Force 1 Custom

“One of my aspirations is to work with Nike on a @sallyssneakers design. I’ve been wanting to create my own pair for a long time, and this custom is a representation of one of the ideas I’ve kept in my head for a while but couldn’t bring to life myself. 

“Small Swooshes all over, gold detailing and a baby-blue, UNCish colourway. This pair means a lot to me because it represents my own idea and design brought to life.”

Air Jordan 1 ‘UNC’

Air Jordan 1 'UNC'

“I have a huge weakness for a blue and white combination on a pair of sneakers. Even though I have the Off White x Jordan UNC in my collection, I’m still more drawn to this pair and the fact that it has a history.”

Air Jordan 1 Mid x Melody Ehsani ‘Fearless’ 

Air Jordan 1 Mid x Melody Ehsani 'Fearless'

“This is my all-time favourite pair in my collection. There’s just something about this shoe that gives me life. It’s a mismatched pair, which I love. It has a watch emblem on it and it has tiny little quotes all over it. It’s a walking poem, and it’s an insanely well-made women’s release.”

Nike Air Max 1 x atmos ‘Giraffe’

Nike Air Max 1 x atmos 'Giraffe'

“The rarest pair in my collection. This pair only released at atmos Japan and at ComplexCon NYC at the atmos booth. Koji, the director of atmos, helped me get my hands on these. I’m usually not a fan of animal print as I think it tends to look cheap if the right material isn’t used, but atmos killed it with this pair.”

Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott

Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott

“Definitely a favourite in my collection. Initially, I didn’t have any luck getting this pair as they only released in men’s sizing in Europe, something that happens quite often to me, unfortunately. 

“At first, I found them a bit boring to be completely honest, but seeing them in hand made me jump right into them. The reverse Swoosh, the brown colour contrasted with the pink laces. I just love them!”

Nike Dunk Lo ‘Syracuse’

Nike Dunk Lo 'Syracuse'

“2020 is going to be the year of Dunks, I’m convinced and I love it! This is one of my first colourways, and I’m definitely going to be adding more to my collection. I’m also looking to grab some older pairs if that’s not impossible because of my small feet.”

Nike x Sacai LDWaffle Racer

Nike x Sacai LDWaffle Racer

“The collaboration between Nike and Sacai was, in my opinion, one of the best things to happen in 2019. I find it impressive how they created a hybrid using the Waffle Racer design – which I found quite boring – and made it into one of the most intriguing and hyped designs of 2019. The fact that everything is double is both silly and genius, it really works.”

Nike Air Max 1/91 ‘Sean Wotherspoon’

Nike Air Max 1/91 'Sean Wotherspoon'

“This pair was one of the very first limited releases I got my hands on. You could say my love for collecting sneakers really started when I got them. I really think the AM1/97 hybrid works well. Besides that, they’re colourful and the corduroy fabric makes them even better. 

“My family actually gifted me a handcrafted pendant of this exact pair when I graduated with my master’s degree because they knew how much I love them.”

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