size? collections – Noaki Takenoshita – Senior Footwear Product Manager at Reebok Classics

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We’re heading stateside for this edition of size? collections to catch up with Reebok Classics’ Senior Footwear Product Manager, Noaki Takenoshita.

He’s packing some really great Reebok silhouettes in his rotation, have a flick through below.

Reebok Aztec OG – 2014

Reebok Aztec OG - 2014

“This Aztec retro is nearly identical to the original specs of its 1979 counterpart. I’ve worn them a lot and now; they pretty much look like they are circa 1979. They are super light and comfortable, and I’m happy to see them ageing nicely.”

Reebok Hurricane – 1982 

Reebok Hurricane - 1982

Reebok was producing shoes in South Korea at the time. These are super well made and I love the burgundy colourway. I am a big fan of Reebok’s heritage running series. The ’70s and ’80s running silhouettes, across the board, are really nice archive pieces. This is one of them.”

Footpatrol x Reebok Classic Leather Mid – 2013

Footpatrol x Reebok Classic Leather Mid - 2013

“One of the 30th anniversary models. They are super winter-friendly with a super on-point colour scheme. I wear them throughout the Boston winters with no problems. The colour is faded and they look beat, but that’s how I like them. 3M Thinsulate that’s all you need.

“Footpatrol and its store have played a very important role in sneaker culture. They have been there since day one. This Classic Leather Mid is my favourite and I will keep them forever. ”Shibui” (渋い) in Japanese is how I describe Footpatrol, which in English means ‘cool but also classic’.”

Jean-Michel Basquiat x Reebok Workout Mid – 2013 

Jean-Michel Basquiat x Reebok Workout Mid - 2013

“Reebok used to make sneakers with legendary artists, and Basquiat was one of them. This pair was super well-executed, but I think Reebok was a bit too early on the trend. These are a piece of art that I keep in my home office now.”

Palace Skateboards x Reebok Workout – 2013

Palace Skateboards x Reebok Workout - 2013

“This was part of the Palace Skateboards 2013 collection. The pack was sensational. The product team at Reebok at that time was killing it. Palace Skateboards brought a lot of good energy to the Reebok brand. I travel with these as my good luck shoes. They’re 7 years old, but still have a long way to go!”

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