size? collections – Henry Davies aka pillowHeat – Vans Archivist and Collector

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Vans collector and archivist, Henry Davies – aka pillowHeat – has been collecting and sharing vintage Vans for decades. Stock hunter-gatherer by trade, Davies is a brand historian dedicated to scouring the globe for rarities to deliver vintage heat.

His collection is sure to make all Vans aficionados truly envious, take a look below!

pillowHeat ‘Fast Times Slow Fashion’ T-shirt & original 1982 Fast Times movie poster

“This is my own design coming out at the end of the summer, inspired by original Vans graphics. This means a considerable amount to me as it represents a diversification of my brand and speaks to the belief systems behind my product. 

“During these fast times of modern culture, I am an advocate of quality, integrity and design-driven utility-based artefacts. Upcycling vintage is a more sustainable practice and opposes the fast fashion paradigm.”

“The Fast Times film was almost single-handedly responsible for catapulting Vans into the global consciousness of popular culture, and the film poster is a worthy representation and collector’s item.

“It is very valuable and holds significant meaning as it was a gift from long time business and supporter @thedukemitchell.”

Original 1982 Style #98 Fast Times Slip-On

“The holy grail for Vans collectors. This holds great meaning as only 1000 were produced in conjunction with a radio giveaway for the film release in 1982. This shoe has recently been reissued in homage for the first time, however, the originals hold far greater value to me due to the superior design specifications.”

Original 1982 Fast Times soundtrack LP & Vinyl Idolz Jeff Spicoli figurine

Original 1982 Fast Times soundtrack LP &  Vinyl Idolz Jeff Spicoli figurine

“I collected the vinyl for its significant usage of the check Slip-On cover art. A superb piece of design & ideal complementary article for display curation.”

“This Vinyl Idolz Jeff Spicoli figurine was collected because it’s rad as f*ck! Jeff Spicoli personifies the playful and spontaneous spirit of the Vans’ attitude, & has become a style icon in his check Slip-Ons.”

‘What Would Spicoli Do?’ T-shirt

'What Would Spicoli Do?' T-shirt

“Collected to elevate Vans checkerboard displays I curate across the world. Original film merch is hard to find. This was a Universal Studios production from the backlot experience.”

Fast Times promo LP

Fast Times promo LP

“I collected this because it’s checkerboard. This is meaningful for me as Vans legitimately gained veritable ownership of an archetypal check design, and the record itself is checkerboard too!”

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