size? collections – Andrew Bills – assistant store manager at size? Edinburgh

On today’s size? collections, we’re joined by one of our own: size? Edinburgh’s assistant manager Andrew Bills.

Packed with vinyl records, books and adidas Originals trainers and memorabilia, it’s clear to see Andrew takes a big influence from terrace culture. Keep on scrolling and check it out.

adidas Originals Trainers

adidas Originals Trainers

“I mainly collect adidas Originals trainers. I noticed that these were the main trainer that my dad’s friends were wearing at the football and I guess it was to try fit in and was able to talk to them about it.

It now means a lot to me I’ve made friends through different groups on social media and met some great people because of the 3-Stripes.” 

adidas Originals Pin Badges

adidas Originals Pin Badges

“Pin badges take up a huge bulk of my collections. This started when I was young going to football and always bought a pin badge with the money my dad would give me for the game.

They tell a travel story as I buy one everywhere I go, and also a lot of them are of shoes we have launched at size? and they remind me of some of the great launches.” 

Trainer Books

Trainer Books

“Just a small part of my book collection. Mainly on trainers and the 1980s.”



I just love wearing denim; it’s like my suit. I feel great in proper denim.

I started reading about Japan when I was planning to go there; I found out about their denim industry and just found it intriguing. Above is a photo of a couple pairs of Edwin ED55s – my go-to cut.

I think in a way I feel like denim is one of these things where you buy a decent pair and they last you see them age with you see all the marks and different shades they really grow with you.”

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70s ‘Blank Canvas’

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70s 'Blank Canvas'

“These Chucks are probably my favourite pair and I’ve never had them on!

They were part of Converse’s ‘Blank Canvas’ campaign which was about renewability. Basically, we all submitted a piece of clothing we were happy to have made into something new – I think my Stone Island pair turned out great.” 

Vinyl Records

“Vinyl is something I started collecting because when I was younger there was a cool vinyl store in Aberdeen that my uncle would take my into and from then I just continued going in and adding to my own collection.

It sort of represents who I am, a lot of ’80s and ’90s music that I got into because I was interested in ’80s subcultures.”

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