Keep busy with the size? lockdown guide

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With lockdown not letting up just yet, we thought that now, more than ever, we need something to keep us entertained.

That’s where our size? bank holiday lockdown guide comes in.

Just like you, our brains have been busy ticking over trying to think of things to do to keep us occupied in this time of isolation. Here are just a few quick wins we’ve thought of to keep you all occupied while the outdoors is out of bounds.

Clean your trainers

jason markk premium kit

We know it’s one of those tasks you always put off, but when it’s finished and your trainers are gleaming, there’s no better feeling. And who doesn’t want their footwear looking top-notch on their one trip out for the essentials?

To make sure you’ve got all the skills, we’ve got a series of how-to guides for you to practice with. What’s more, once your collection is nice and clean, why not join in with the rest of our community and get involved in the conversation using #sizecollections – you may even get a feature on our Instagram!

Flick through our size? sessions back catalogue

size? sessions Big Narstie

Missing Festivals and live music? Reminisce of better times with our back catalogue of size? sessions – we’ve even got some unseen footage coming next week, so keep ’em peeled.

We’ve even got a whole host of exclusive Warehouse Project content for you to look through too!

Take part in our Dave White art challenge

Dave White Sneaker Art

Back after 20 years, we’ve joined up again with Dave White to give you an exclusive opportunity to own a one of a kind original piece of trainer art – that’s if you’re willing to take part.

Remembering the good times we’ve shared with Dave over the last 20 years led us to collaborate on this artist-led, therapeutic, competition. And now is the perfect time to experiment and get involved

You can use whatever materials you have to hand – be it pencil, biro, paint, clay. And whether it’s a doodle of your favourite design as you chat on the phone, a digital creation on the likes of Photoshop, a chalk sketch on a wall or floor, a collage made from magazines, or something made in 3D – absolutely anything goes!

The only restriction is your imagination.

Lounging? – make sure you’re comfy

Well, whatever activity you find yourself doing this bank holiday, you’re going to want to make sure you keep nice and comfortable, aren’t you?

So why not have a flick through our loungewear collection and check out our handpicked styles to see through this lockdown.

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