How to clean your trainers with Jason Markk

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Over here at size? HQ we’ve been busy cooking up some ideas to keep you all busy throughout this lockdown. And with all this spare time we’ve got on our hands, we thought now would be a pretty good time to give all your old trainers a quick spring cleaning.

As part of our ‘Cleaning Series’ in 2018, we showcased how to use our range of Jason Markk shoe cleaning products and provided you with handy step-by-step guides on all things shoe care.

Taking you through all kinds of materials – such as canvas, leather and Flyknit – the guides talked you through the best products & processes to use when it comes to keeping your much-loved trainers in tip-top condition.

So, dig out your cleaning kits and get cracking on!

How to clean white trainers

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with white trainers. Often the fear of getting our Nike Air Force 1s or bright white Converse dirty is enough to stop you from wearing them in the first place. But don’t worry; the first video from our ‘Cleaning Series’ shows you how to use our Jason Markk shoe cleaners to restore your trainerst to mint condition.

Watch the video above and read our descriptive guide for a more in-depth look at how to clean white trainers.

How to use the tools

With so many tools at our disposal, choosing the right product for the job can be a daunting task. You really don’t want to be ruining your plush suede adidas silhouettes on their first clean by chucking them in the washing machine or by selecting the wrong brush.

So fear not; our handy video and descriptive guide provides you with with an easy explanation of what Jason Markk’s tools to use when cleaning different materials.

How to clean suede trainers and shoes

Suede trainers can prove the toughest when it comes to cleaning. Delicate in their nature, suede shoes are blemished easily – and, when cleaned incorrectly – you can do more harm than good.

Well, once again, you needn’t worry. We’ve put together an in-depth guide on how to clean suede with our effective and affordable Jason Markk products.

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