Our Vans Slip On ‘New Wave’ – size? Exclusive

Throughout the ‘70s, a series of seminal bands gave birth to a spiky new movement. Led by punchy lyrics & aggressive melodies, punk’s anti-norm attitude infiltrated popular culture; four decades later, its subversive school of thought still permeates through society. Our final drop – which comes in the form of the Slip On – takes its inspiration from a late ‘70s band who were influential in the rise of new wave.

Vans Slip On ‘New Wave’

Towards the end of the ’70s, the brash qualities of punk music had made way to a softer, more synth-led sound. Emerging artists had moved away from punk’s traditional rock and roll elements, incorporating elements of pop, disco and electro into their music. And by the end of ’77, the term “new wave” had taken over “punk” as the definition for the UK’s new underground music. 

Many of the new artists arising from New York’s CBGB club helped to spearhead the movement across the states; one of which has served as the inspiration for our Vans Slip On. 

Taking influence from arguably the band’s most famous photoshoot, we’ve reworked the Classic Slip On in a plethora of patterns lifted from the brand’s outlandish apparel. 

A floral print adorns the pair’s vamp, with a vibrant star-like print across the mid-section. There’s also a plush pink paisley pattern across the ankle that further nods to the group’s bold outfits, while the midsole details the date of one of the US band’s breakthrough third studio album.

Vans Slip On ‘New Wave’ - size? Exclusive

Vans Slip On ‘New Wave’ - size? Exclusive
Vans Slip On ‘New Wave’ - size? Exclusive
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