adidas Originals Cordoba, PUMA Style Rider ‘Easter’ and more – size? previews April 2020

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This month on size? previews we’re taking a look at a host of new and exclusive projects together with New Balance, adidas Originals, PUMA and Reebok, alongside some excellent Made in USA product straight from the New Balance factory in Boston.

New Balance 992 & New Balance 1300

Product made in New Balance’s various location around the world is always of the highest quality, but it’s their USA and UK made shoes in particular that command the most respect. Select models in the product range will only be made in certain countries, and the hand-crafted nature often means they sit at a higher price point due to the quality of materials used.

We’ve taken a look at two models in particular – the New Balance 992 and 1300 – both with their own unique look that still stays true to the New Balance aesthetic.

Reebok GL6000 ‘Factory Mix-Up’ – size? Exclusive

Following on from our ‘Factory Mix-Up NPC from last year, we’ve taken the same idea through to one of Reeboks most-loved running shoes, the GL6000. Flipping the lateral and medial details, the shoe’s a bit of a ‘What if the factory read the brief backwards?’ concept, based on a reversed image our footwear buyers saw on-screen.

PUMA Style Rider ‘Easter’ – size? Exclusive

Our second exclusive version of the Style Rider, this ‘Easter’ version plays on the idea of planting hidden details (or Easter eggs) on a shoe for you to have a bit of fun with trying to find them. In turn, every cut you make or scratch you apply makes your pair unique to any other pair out there.

New Balance 327 – size? Exclusive

The New Balance 327 is a brand new silhouette, but you’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve pulled it straight out of a classic ’70s catalogue. Bringing suede and nylon together on a runner automatically adds that element of nostalgia, so we’ve used some of our favourite ‘archive’ colourways to keep in tune with the vintage aesthetic.

size? x adidas Originals Anniversary City Series – Cordoba

Finally, we give to you a bit more information about the adidas Originals Cordoba. The next addition to our Anniversary City Series (the second of six releases) it brings together it’s shoe namesake and the twin city of Manchester from our first line-up ten years ago.

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