A look at the Air Max 95 ’20 for 20′ with Jordy

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Leading up to the launch of our Nike Air Max 95 ’20 for 20‘, we’ve reunited with some of the key players who’ve lived size? and Nike’s relationship to uncover their memories of the past, musings on the present, and visions for the future.

We’ve already spoken with size? Carnaby Street’s Ella Reynolds and next on the bill it’s time to catch up with Jordy.

Air Max 95 20 for 20

Jordy works at size? Paris. He’s into dancing and drawing – and anything sneaker related.

“I reckon I first got into sneakers as early as elementary school,” Jordy says. “But my passion really grew in 2012, when I got my first pair of Air Jordan 4s. I got really into it then – looking up new releases and drop dates etc. As soon as I started making money I started buying sneakers!”

Jordy’s bright enthusiasm for his job and the sneaker community is infectious. He’s relatively new in the job – he started at the Paris store in November 2019, but his knowledge of size? and passion for the company goes way back.

“I was a teenager when I started shopping at size?,” he tells us. “The store is central to the Parisian sneaker community. Whenever something new drops – this is where people come, it’s such a hotspot for people who want to get the freshest releases. It’s where the community gathers.”

Air Max 95 20 for 20 size? exclusive

For Jordy, the Parisian scene is unique – but it also exists as part of a wider, global sneaker narrative. “We learn a lot from American sneaker culture in Paris, following trends that start over there,” he explains. “But America also learns a lot from us – Paris isn’t called the fashion capital of the world for nothing, so very often it’s us leading the way.”

He tells us that the most popular sneakers in the city are probably the Air Max 1 and the Air Max Plus: “They’re stylish, relatable, accessible and wearable,” Jordy says. “In the suburbs where I’m from both these silhouettes have a really significant cultural footprint.”

“But the Parisian consumer is very open-minded, and the community is very diverse,” he continues. “So really we’re always open to new trends or new shoes here – and we’re always open to new people joining the scene. We’re always looking for new originality, new craziness – it’s all welcome here.”

Nike Air Max 95 20 for 20

This love for all things crazy, all things new, draws Jordy to the boldest of Nike releases. He picks up the Air Max Light Urban Safari exclusive of 2013 wistfully – “I missed this pair,” he laments. “But I wish I’d got them – I love the bright colours and the speckled texture, how slick the combinations look together.”

Fortunately for Jordy, those features he missed back then are incorporated in the Air Max 95 ‘20 for 20’ of today, which he tells us he’ll definitely be copping a pair of.

“Look, you can see the speckled swoosh coming through in the ‘20 for 20’!” he points out. “It’s so beautiful to see the twenty size? x Nike collaborations come together in one shoe.”

Jordy surveys the new shoe, taking in all the features of the different collaborations. He grins: “I guess having this shoe means I’ll have all the exclusive releases I missed in one place.”

Guest written by Iona Jackson, Breaks Agency.

Take a look at the Air Max 95 ’20 for 20′ and keep checking back on the size? blog for more exclusive content!

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