The Air Max 95 20 for 20’s crucial players with Ella Reynolds

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In the lead up to the launch of our Nike Air Max 95 ’20 for 20‘, we’ve reunited with some of the key players who’ve lived size? and Nike’s relationship to uncover their memories of the past, musings on the present, and visions for the future. First on the bill, it’s our very own Ella Reynolds.

Ella Reynolds

A crucial member of our size? Carnaby Street team – and originally representing size? Brighton – we spoke to Ella about the Nike ‘Clerks’ Brighton pack and how it perfectly encapsulated the city. Ella also shed light on how size? has evolved and her thoughts on the exclusive ’20 for 20’ Air Max 95.

“I was probably about twelve when I first started visiting size?” Ella recalls. “Me and my friends used to go and look at the trainers and clothes – we were too young to really even buy anything. We just thought everything in there was so cool.”

Fast-forward thirteen years, and Ella’s not just browsing anymore. She’s a veteran of the size? shop-floor, having been with the company for four and a half years. Currently based in size? Carnaby St, she worked at size? Bath throughout university and also spent eighteen months at size? in her hometown of Brighton.

size? Brighton opened its doors back in 2000, making it one of the very first units. “It’s actually pretty similar to how it was back then in some ways,” Ella says. “It’s small and it’s still got that independent, old-school vibe.”

Air Max 95 20 for 20 size? exclusive

Being a size? OG store in an incredible city, it was only right to include Brighton in the exclusive Nike ‘Clerks’ UK pack of 2006. Focused around the ‘sneaker store’ concept, the collaboration was developed with the help of our store staff. The shoe was a bold Air Max 90 that embraced the aesthetics and the culture of Brighton itself.

“I don’t remember the Clerks Brighton release, no,” Ella laughs. “I was about eleven when it came out! But once I started working at size? and got into archival shoes I thought it was amazing that there was a size? exclusive Nike sneaker based on my hometown.”

“You can really see the city in the shoe. The colours they chose were perfect – it’s got those washed-out tones you’d see on the beach in the sea and the pebbles and the weathered beach huts. But then you’ve also got the flamboyance of the pink that harks back to the brightly painted buildings and the bold, creative people that inhabit them. They’re brilliant.”

Ella reckons each city has its own culture around sneakers – she sees Brighton as more relaxed than London for example. But she’s also spotted what unites the sneaker scene as a whole: that it’s constantly growing and always evolving with the times. For her, size? has always been at the heart of that.

Ella Reynolds

“In the time I’ve worked here, quite a lot has changed, but I think one of the biggest transformations has been the increase in women’s shoes and sizes: so many silhouettes run right through from a size UK3 to UK12 now.”

Looking at the Air Max 95 ‘20 for 20’ is special for Ella. “The AM95 is quite a poignant shoe for me,” she tells us. “When I first started working at size? it was the first shoe I bought with my wages. The silhouette is a part of my own size? history, and now here’s the Air Max 95 ‘20 for 20’ celebrating the whole history of Nike size? exclusives over the last two decades. It’s amazing.”

Will Ella be picking up a pair? “Definitely,” she says nodding enthusiastically. “For me, I love a bold colourway – I like to speak with my feet. And I love all the references to all the collaborations – there’s something in there for everyone.”

Guest written by Iona Jackson, Breaks agency.

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