Our Vans Old Skool ‘English Invasion’ – size? Exclusive

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Throughout the ‘70s, a series of seminal bands gave birth to a spiky new movement. Led by punchy lyrics & aggressive melodies, punk’s anti-norm attitude infiltrated popular culture; four decades later, its subversive school of thought still permeates through society. Our 3-part collection pays tribute to those bands who were crucial in punk’s evolution.

During the mid-’70s, a certain band from London gave birth to the punk movement in the UK.

Catching the eyes of the nation after a controversial interview, the band’s anti-establishment, do-it-yourself attitude appealed to Britain’s disenfranchised youth who were in the midst of widespread unemployment and social unrest.

Their subversive songs and seditious style are viewed as one of, if not the most important, influences in punk history.

Paying tribute to their impact in culture, our Vans Old Skool features a bold material palette that mirrors the fashion made famous by the band.

Tartan sidewalls are contrasted with pony leopard décor to the toe box and heel tab. There’s also a large pop of fluoro pink on the patent leather ankle panel that nods to iconic artwork synonymous with the band, while the midsole details the date of one of the band’s most famous tracks reaching number #2 in the charts.

Our Vans Old Skool ‘English Invasion’ is out now.

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