size? Glasgow – a sneek peek of our all-new store

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Ever since the early ’00s, size? has always had a presence within Glasgow. In our infancy, we started as a small concession in Open before moving to Union St in 2007. We’ve been there for 13 fantastic years, but now it’s time for a change.

Situated in the heart of the city, our all-new space is packed with plenty of Glasgow-inspired details – none more noticeable than our large conical art installation.

If you’re a non-native Glaswegian, the reference will probably fly over your head, but take a look outside the store and it’s clear to see what it’s all about – honouring the city’s knack of decorating its Duke of Wellington statue with traffic cones.

The very first sightings of the Iron Duke’s pointed headwear can be traced back to 1980s. The spectacle that has become synonymous with the city ever since, with many a night out ending with the challenge of crowning old Arthur Wellesley.

So, with it being such a famous Glaswegian sight, we thought how better to honour the timeless tradition than to have a large, metallic cone-shaped sculpture as size? Glasgow’s centrepiece.

Take a look at the teaser at the top of this post and keep checking back on the size? blog for more details on size? Glasgow’s opening!

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