The story behind the adidas Originals ‘Liverpool’

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In the lead up to the adidas Originals ‘Liverpool’, we spoke to three of the brains behind one of adidas’ most anticipated releases in recent memory. We caught up for a quickfire chat to take you through how we arrived at Liverpool as a shoe destination and the inspiration behind its detailing.

adidas Originals Liverpool 'Anniversary Series'

“As soon as we saw ‘Liverpool’ on the list of Twin Cities, it was settled”

Luke Matthews(Brand Manager, size?): We were brainstorming about which cities to open with, which twin city would give us the most impact. As soon as we saw Liverpool on the list it was settled. It had to be Liverpool.

Jon Guite (Senior Ranging & Assortment Manager, adidas): The structure of the shoe is simple: a suede upper with leather stripes and a heel tab on a gum midsole – and I think that simplicity is appreciated. Liverpool is a city of innovation, but tradition is always at its heart.

Chris Binns(Buyer, size?): When it came to colourways, one thing we wanted to avoid was football. It was too obvious. So we started playing with a few of the ideas.

Luke Matthews: One of them was the wheelie bins in the city, which are purple. We didn’t want to use red or blue because of the clubs.

Chris Binns: In the end, we started thinking about Tate & Lyle, which started in Liverpool, and had this green and gold branding. It fit the city of Liverpool, naturally, and the shoe that came before it, the Dublin.

Luke Matthews: Liverpool’s story is synonymous with adidas’ in this country. You often see custom shoes with ‘Liverpool’ on the side, ones made by fans. We’re fortunate to be the ones who get to officially bring them to life. For us to be able to make the adidas Liverpool a real thing is huge. I have a lot of family history in Liverpool so it is a big moment.

Jon Guite: I think we’ve done a good job. I think the thought we’ve put into it and the way it’s been executed will be appreciated.

The adidas Originals Liverpool ‘Anniversary City Series’ will be launching at the size? Liverpool and Dublin stores on the 28th of February. On the 6th of March, the silhouette will be available to purchase from all other size? stores & online.

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