size? Captures – Introducing the Nike Air Max Verona

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To celebrate the launch of the women’s Nike Air Max Verona, we headed to Amsterdam to bring together two women who are both completely immersed in all things footwear and streetwear.

Hailing from two different generations, we’ve brought them together to shed light on the scene’s culture, style and – of course – shoes.

Nori is one of the original generations of trainer collectors. A true OG.

Originally from Saint Martin, she now lives in Amsterdam where she’s worked at size? for nearly four years.

Nori’s seen first-hand how the female streetwear scene has changed and evolved – from its humble, under-represented beginnings to the thriving, ever-growing community it is now.

Heidi represents the scene’s younger generation – a YG you could say. Living in Sheffield, she’s in the thick of a flourishing community of females engrossed in the footwear scene and all that comes with it.

She’s been at size? just over two years and, like Nori, her passion for trainers knows no bounds – cut her open and she’ll bleed Air Max, she says.

Nori and Heidi may live in different cities and come from different generations, but, as they discovered negotiating the vibrant streets of Amsterdam, there’s a lot they share.

They write their own rules and defy expectations. And they know the importance of championing women in the footwear-sphere.

And there’s is no model more perfect to embody the marriage of older and younger generations of footwear and fashion than the all-new Air Max Verona.

Lifting its title from the first-ever women’s exclusive Air Max model from ’92, today’s Verona pays homage to the OG, and generations of female footwear connoisseurs past, present and future.

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