size? x adidas Originals x Fox Brothers & Co: Part Two – The Process

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Ahead of the announcement of our latest collaboration together with adidas Originals and Fox Brothers, we wanted to take some time to tell the story behind our partnering brand. 

In the second part of our short documentary, we learned more about the design and process from textile designers Rosemarie Boon and Joanna Neades, who walked us through the whole production line step by step. There’s still largely a human element to the creation of each roll of flannel. Alison, one of the longer serving members, is so skilled that she’s capable of pulling each individual end faster than the machines, and can pull through around 1000 per hour.

The production process is still based upon the classic principles of using a wrap and weft. Vertical strands of wool are interwoven by a horizontal strand, gradually building up the customisable pattern dependent on the recipe decided upon. Traditionally you would have used a larger wooden weft and hand-fed it across the loom.

The detailed inspection process at the end is something that can only be done by the human eye. Any imperfections spotted within the weave are manually hand-stitched back into place by a skilled team of ladies who’ve been a part of the production line for over twenty years.

After the fabric is completed, Rosemarie will compile a mood board which harnesses together all the different inspirations which have gone into making the cloth. Sometimes a pattern is influenced by a combination of different sources found within the extensive collection of archive books.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Part Three, where we’ll give you a detailed look at the collaboration.

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