Chuck Taylor 70 Multipatch size? Exclusive – Community Creators

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To showcase the customisable nature of the size? Exclusive Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 High ‘Multipatch’, we met up with two London-based creatives; Curriegoat and Nicole Chui, who specialise in making things their own way. Using their individual skillsets, we tasked them with creating their own bespoke patches to apply to our latest collaboration.

Curriegoat is a true self-starter who showcases his vision through hand-painted designs on canvas and clothing. Weaving meaningful stories from the past into fashion, is for him, a nice way to share his art. He likes to inspire others to explore their inner creativity and storytelling through everything he does.

“The Hannya mask expresses a woman who has been taken by the spirit of jealousy and is inspired by traditional Japanese tattoo art.

My second piece is inspired by the myth of Prometheus. The creator of men – he protected humanity under the rule of the gods and was punished for it. A great story about sacrifice and doing things for the greater good.

If the art means something to you and you wear it, you’re telling that story to the people in your world.”

Nicole Chui channels her creativity through her medium of hand embroidery, and her artworks are messy, brash and disruptive. Through her streams of work, she aims to provide platforms for under-represented communities. She uses humour as a breakdown of something that can be taken too seriously.

“The distorted face with tears represent embracing your emotions no matter what. I always want to be open to understanding, learning and drawing inspiration from large social issues to even the smallest things we see/face in everyday life.

Embrace the power of freedom: Stand up for what you believe in and never ever stop.

My third creation is based on the Hackney map I found in the newspaper, it is a symbol of being proud of and celebrating Hackney, where I’ve always lived. It’s a melting pot of diverse individuals and different cultures. “

The size? Exclusive Chuck Taylor All Star 70 High ‘Multipatch’ is out now.

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