Reebok Bolton ‘Ree-cut Running Club’ – size? Exclusive

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The words ‘running shoes’ are thrown around too lightly nowadays. Fair enough many of the silhouettes were originally built for better performance on the track or field, but now they’re more about looking your best instead of doing your best, so let us introduce you to our reworked version of the classic Reebok Bolton, coined the Ree-cut Running Club – an ode to the running shoes that never make it past walking speed. 

If you pick up a pair you’ll become an honorary member of our alternative ‘Reebok Running Club’, and don’t worry – you don’t need to be in the best of shape to join. We promise there won’t be too much physical activity involved. We don’t keep track of your fastest mile. We’re more likely to judge you on how fast you can get to the bar and back.

Keeping in tune with the fashions that were around at the time of the model’s ’90s release, we’ve built this iteration of the Reebok Bolton with ‘Madras’ plaid underlays. The distinctively patterned cotton originates from the city of Chennai in India and was a staple in summer clothing throughout the ‘90s. It still pops up throughout stores across the UK today and paints this pair’s insole. Supportive suede panels work their way around the toe, heel and eyestays, while leather builds the classic Reebok Vector sidewall branding.

Although they might never get put through their paces, the shoe still packs some pretty comfy tech underfoot. They boast Reebok’s ‘Hexalite’ cushioning technology within their lightweight EVA midsole. Built from hexagonal pods, this honeycomb-inspired tech softens upon impact to deliver superb shock-absorption with every step you take.


Selects men’s and women’s sizes of the Reebok Ree-cut Running Club – size? Exclusive are available online now.

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