It’s Here: The Nike x Stranger Things ‘Upside Down’ Pack

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We’ve already been treated to two 80s-inspired drops to celebrate the launch of series three, but now Nike and Stranger Things are transporting you to the Upside Down with their latest footwear pack.

The turbulent British summertime should have provided you with more than enough time to sit in and binge-watch Netflix’s sci-fi hit, but if for some reason or other you haven’t yet then you’re sorely missing out. It’s 80s backdrop has set the scene for the previous two packs – fittingly consisting of Nike’s Cortez, Air Tailwind 79, and Blazer Mid – and these latest releases follow suit.

While the previous drops have consisted of bold colour palettes, this third release opts for a more subdued approach. The leather, suede and nylon uppers that built the last lot of silhouettes are exchanged in place of a unique textured canvas, which, for the bravest of you out there, houses its own secret base.

Teased on the silhouette’s tongue tabs: ‘CAUTION: REMOVAL OF TOP LAYER MAY REVEAL ALTERNATE DIMENSION’ – alludes to this third pack’s ‘Upside Down’ theme. Wearing away over time – or hurried along by some rough wear and tear – all three of the shoe’s light sail uppers feature darker denim inners for a multi-textured finish. The Nike heel branding also fades away to reveal a Stranger Things brand logo.

All three of the iconic models come teeming with a series of hidden features. While some of the stylistic touches may go over your head if you’re not up to date with the shows latest season, the Stranger Things aficionados amongst you will surely appreciate the little Easter eggs that pop up throughout.

Just like the Nike Air Tailwind 79 that was first unveiled at US-retailer BAIT’s exclusive San Diego Comic-Con hunt, the Cortez and Blazer Mid boast hand-sketched footbeds nodding to key moments from the third series. Lifting the insoles up reveals another treat: the secret code transmitted across the shows Starcourt Mall setting decorates the underside of the footbed in both English and Russian. For a nice few final touches, each model comes housed in a limited edition co-branded box, with a set of both black and white laces, plus a few badges inspired by the show. Nice eh?


The Nike x Stranger Things ‘Upside Down’ has now sold out, but don’t forget to check out the rest of the collection online now.

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