Simran Randhawa Speaks Up On Sustainability

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Simran Randhawa

With the consumer pressure on sustainability continuing to mount, people worldwide are urging major brands to minimise their waste and emissions, and Nike may have hit the nail on the head with their latest release – the ZoomX Vista Grind. Its eco-friendly construction – with a midsole built from factory floor scraps – has clearly struck a chord with sneaker enthusiasts and environmentalists alike – with the runner flying off the shelves in a flash.

We caught up with self-confessed sneakerhead, author and sustainability champion Simran Randhawa. Speaking on the subject of sustainability within the fashion industry – here’s what @simran had to say:

Simran Randhawa wearing Nike Zoom X Vista Grind

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?

I’m Simran Randhawa, Londoner, model and a journalist.

Do you feel that we have a responsibility towards thinking consciously about Sustainability? How do you do this within your own wardrobe?

100%, we all do – it’s an issue that’s not only affecting us now but is something that’s gonna get worse with time if we don’t make small everyday action now. In my own wardrobe I try not to buy too much fast fashion and invest in pieces I know I’ll get more wear out of, as well as donating and buying off Depop etc. 

Simran Randhawa wearing Nike Zoom X Vista Grind

Do you believe people have misconceptions about sustainable fashion?

I think people don’t think it’s cool or can be fashionable, but I reckon that mostly comes down to your own ability to style – I picked up some sick vintage bits in Paris a few weeks ago that are one-off and unique. 

How do you think brands could be doing more to work in a more sustainable manner? Could consumers be educated more?

I think, more than anything, brands need to think about their carbon footprint and ways they could be more sustainable in every step of their production process. More often than not the sustainability discourse puts so much pressure on the individual when it’s actually big corporations doing the most damage – that said there’s so much that individuals can do too, I really think small actions every day – like minimising food waste – have a big cumulative impact.

What is it that you like about the Nike ZoomX Vista Grind? 

I LOVE the silhouette! I think it’s so futuristic and on-trend, big fan. 

Do you think the Nike ZoomX Vista Grind is setting a precedent for the way products could be produced going in the future?

I think Nike is setting a precedent, period. For example, their Flyknit technology is one of the most consistent in the market minimising waste, and with the ZoomX Vista Grind, they’re expanding and being consistent in their sustainability mission, which I admire. 

ZoomX Vista Grind

The ZoomX Vista Grind has now sold out online, check with your local store for stock levels or alternatively use our all-new size? Experts service where one of our specially trained staff can answer your Nike queries. Keep your eyes peeled on sizeforwomen for future drops!

In other sustainability news, Converse recently launched their ‘Renew Pack’ rebuilding their iconic Chuck Taylor All Star 70 silhouette from plastic waste. You can read all about it here

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