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We’re pretty sure you’ll have heard of it by now, but just in case you haven’t we’ll fill you in on our size? Experts service again. Last month we launched our all-new platform – exclusive to Nike product – which allows you to quickly get in touch with one of our in-store Expert staff at the click of an icon. There’s 50 size? Experts available in 14 size? stores across the UK and France, all of who can provide the finer details on products, such as stock availability, sizing guidance and styling advice whilst you shop online. That’s not all, they’ll also be able to share and live stream photos and videos, plus they can book you an in-store appointment to offer further guidance.

For more detail on our new service, click here, where we explain the user’s size? Experts journey.

We’ve already met our size? Experts over in Manchester and Camden, so next on our list we’re up in Sheffield. Visiting our Meadowhall store, we caught up with our size? Expert Heidi, who shed some light on the city, her long-standing love for Nike and the perks of using size? Experts.

Introducing: Heidi

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

My name’s Heidi, I’m from Telford and I moved to Sheffield about six years ago, and I now work in Meadowhall size?.

2. What does your city mean to you?

To me, Sheffield means a small family, a small community, it’s very similar to where I’m from. I’m from a very small town, so coming to a big city was pretty scary for me, so being welcomed into this little community has been amazing for me.

3. How would you describe your personal style?

I’d describe my style as probably very ’90s, but obviously with a bit of streetwear thrown in too. I don’t tend to have a style I stick to – if I like it, I’ll wear it.

4. What is your favourite Nike product?

My favourite Nike product is my Carhartt Air Force 1s. I got them a couple of months ago and I was quite lucky to get some in my size so I’m pretty happy about that.

5. What is special about your city?

My city is special because it’s very small, everyone is really close, everyone knows each other. We’ve got cool things like the Peddler Market and individual vegan restaurants and vegetarian stuff – there’s pretty much everything for everyone. The music scene here is amazing, we go to gigs all the time. You get everything in one place, which is amazing. The other thing which is special about my city is the people; everyone knows that everyone in the North is a lot friendlier! The people here are super friendly, super open, and I think that’s what I love the most about it.

6. Where do you like to hang out?

Sheffield has opened a lot of individual, alternative stores, mainly for streetwear brands because it’s not been big here, but over the last couple of years more are opening and more people are more open to it, so I think we’re getting there. We hang out mainly at gigs, Peddler Market, restaurants, there’s loads of independent cafes here that you can just nip into and have a coffee.

7. What are your biggest influences – music, fashion, sport?

My style is influenced through music, so from when I was younger I’ve been brought up with rock and roll, so bands like ACDC, Slipknot, Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182. Obviously, they’ve had a massive influence on what I wear, and as I’ve grown up I’ve kept that style but changed it up with streetwear, with like a 90’s vibe, so I think it’s just a mix of stuff really.

8. Where do you look for inspiration?

I tend to look for inspiration on Instagram, I follow a lot of blogs online like fashion blogs. I have my own fashion blog that I do sometimes. But it’s mainly on the internet and then people that come into the store that I see, so it’s pretty much everywhere really. I’ve been doing my blog since I was working in an office, it’s just something that I need to do on the side to be a bit more creative. I feel that if I’m not doing anything creative I get a bit down, so it keeps my mind busy really.

9. What does 2019 have in store for you?

This year I’m hoping to build up a new business that I’ve been starting with videography and photography. I’m really excited to get on board with the new app that we’ve got coming out, so I’m just going to be focusing on that this year.

Heidi and Nike:

1. What does Nike mean to you?

The first Nike product that I got was some black and white football boots. I begged my mum for them for months and when she finally got them for me I wore them for like six years so they were pretty battered. Growing up, Nike was always a massive product within my life and my friend’s lives – it was always the product everyone wanted, the brand that everyone wanted to wear, and I think it still is that way. That’s why I love Nike because it just keeps getting better and better.

2. Who wears Nike in your city?

Nike is a brand that everyone can wear, but I feel that it is in our city for the younger generations, so your common silhouettes like your Air Max 1s, your 97s, your 98s. we get a lot of people coming in for those specific shoes. So I think it’s probably more of the younger generation, but we do get a whole range of people coming in wanting Nike products, so I guess it’s for everyone.

3. What Nike styles are worn in your city?

The styles that are worn in our city, the main ones are probably the 97s, 98s, 95s – anything Air Max.

4. Which of the Nike product launches has been most anticipated?

The most anticipated Nike launch was probably the Jordan 1 ‘Bred’ which literally just come out a couple of weeks ago, and then probably the Nike Element React 87s, every time we get them in they just sell out within a day.

5.  Do you consider yourself an expert on Nike?

I do consider myself a Nike expert from working in size?, from growing up with Nike, it’s just one of those brands I’ve always been interested in. And obviously, you get great training here at size?.

Heidi on size? Experts:

1. How does the size? Experts service work?

The size? Experts app works in a way that you can connect a little differently with a customer than we normally do. Normally it’s face to face, but this way, they can literally talk to a sales advisor in-store and they can give all the advice and all the knowledge that they need, right there and then, there’s no waiting around.

2. What are the benefits of the service?

The benefit of the app from a customer’s point of view is the fact that they don’t have to come all the way to the store to see the shoe in person. We can send a product tag, send a video or photo, and the customer can see what it’s like in real life, so it saves them a trip. They can add it to their basket and pay for it online.

3. What does being a ‘size? Expert’ mean to you?

It’s really exciting to be part of a new unique service that not many shops have done yet. I’m sure everyone will probably jump on the bandwagon, but we’re the first to do it, so it’s really cool to be a part of.

4. What is the most commonly asked question you hear in store?

The most common question I hear in-store is ‘have you got this in a size 8?’ That’s it.

5. How would your colleagues describe you?

My colleagues would describe me as weird, a little shy, but I guess friendly.

6. What makes you good at your job?

I think I’m good at my job because with everything I do I tend to put in my all. So whether it be customer service, whether it be using certain technology in-store, I always, always try my best and I think that’s all you can ask for.

7. Why did you want to work at size?

I wanted to work at size? one, because I hated my job working in an office – it wasn’t creative enough for me, and two, the products that size? sells, it’s very exclusive and I just really wanted to jump back into that clothing, shoe kind of vibe. When you’re in an office in a shirt and boring trousers you can’t really express yourself, and I feel like size? does allow me to express myself completely.

8. What is your favourite Nike product from past and present and why?

My favourite Nike product of all time that I don’t own and I wish I did own, was the Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoons. My favourite Nike product at the moment is the Nike Zoom 2K. I just love the silhouette, it’s super retro, super chunky, and it’s just completely my style.

Keep your eyes peeled on the size? blog for the rest of our size? Experts series…

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