Oakley’s Summer-Ready Sunglasses

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Since their inception in ’75, Oakley has sat at the forefront of technical eyewear, constantly innovating and developing new ways of protecting one of your body’s most valuable assets. The Cali-based brand rose to fame throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s with their game-changing sunglasses proving a pivotal tool within extreme sports. Since then, their eye-protecting technologies and daring designs have struck a chord with world-class athletes and streetwear enthusiasts alike.

With summer in full swing, we thought we’d showcase a few of the striking Oakley sunnies we have on offer and talk you through the boundary-pushing tech which sets the brand apart from the rest.

Frogskins Mix Sunglasses

Let’s kick things off with the Frogskins. One of the brand’s less in-your-face styles, the Frogskins were introduced in the ‘80s and have remained an icon ever since. Their Wayfarer design perfectly encapsulates the 80’s while managing to remain just as stylish today.

These Frogskins Mix sahdes improve the classic style with performance-enhancing features. The model combines Oakley’s patented O-Matter plastic with stainless steel at the temples for a multi-material finish.

O-Matter is stress-resistant, hard-wearing, yet lightweight plastic. Infused with nylon, the frame can also withstand both hot and cold temperatures without losing strength and is slightly flexible in its build, making it that little bit comfier on your face.

The Frogskins Mix also boast Prizm technology in the lenses, we’ll explain this colour-correcting tech when we dissect the next bold pair below.

Sutro Sunglasses

Built for the urban cyclist, these Sutro Sunglasses are a one-lens wonder. Prizm technology bolsters the pair – another amazing feat of Oakley engineering – which precisely tunes colours to maximise contrast and enhance visibility.

Born out of years of research into colour science, Prizm tech comes in a variety of different lens shades, with each one is slightly adjusted to allow only certain wavelengths of light through which really help to bring colours to life when worn in bright conditions.

But Prizm lenses don’t just improve colours, they also block 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays and blue light up to 400nm, ensuring your eyes remain protected at all times. Again, the Sutro’s frame is built from Oakley’s hardwearing O-Matter plastic.

The Sutro’s also feature ‘Unobtainium’ nose pads. It might sound like something from a science fiction movie and it most possibly could be, the sticky rubber material sits at the nose and repels moisture to stop your glasses from slipping when the heat makes you sweat.

Eye Jacket Redux Sunglasses

In 1994, Oakley introduced the Eye Jacket – the predecessor to the Eye Jacket Redux – one of the first-ever frames to be created using a CAD production process. Owning the third 3D printer ever created, this method of creation allowed brand creator Jim Jannard and the development team to make design changes on the spot without having to wait weeks to make alterations.

Cut from sturdy O-Matter plastic, unlike the other glasses we’ve mentioned the Eye Jacket Redux sport a ‘Positive Red Iridium’ lens. Cooked at incredibly high heat, metallic oxides fuse themselves onto the lens at a molecular level, covering them with a filtering layer to provide the perfect balance between light reflection, absorption and transmission. Just like Prizm lenses, Iridium increases contrast to make colours truly pop. 

M2 Frame XL Snapback Collection Sunglasses

Oakley M2 Frame

Hailing from the brand’s Snapback Collection, Oakley’s M2 Frame XL Sunglasses are teeming with all the tech you’d expect from the glasses experts. The Snapback Collection pays homage to ’90s stylings and paints the pair in a palette of primary colour hues. Like some of the styles we’ve mentioned already, these shades also feature an O-Matter frame, Unobtanium grip at the nose, and Prizm technology in the lenses.

The contemporary pair’s design makes them perfect for sports. The specially shaped XL lens means your vision isn’t compromised even when your head is tilted, making them an ideal companion when out on your bike.

M2 Frame XL TNP3 Sunglasses

The M2 Frame XL TNP3 shades are identical to the pair above in terms of tech, the only difference being the colour palette. Delivered as part of Oakley’s Thermonuclear Protection 3 Collection, this M2 Frame X iteration paints the iconic ‘90s pair in a striking palette that embodies the capsule’s futuristic spirit. 

Flak 2.0 XL TNP3 Sunglasses

Oakley Flak

Last, but by no means least, these Flak 2.0 XL are tooled to the max with Oakley’s performance-enhancing technologies. We’re talking, an O-Matter frame, Unobtanium grip at the nose, and Prizm lenses.

The pair boasts slightly curved lenses to provide optimal vision even in your peripherals, and as well as featuring Prizm tech, they also help improve your vision with Oakley’s High Definition Optics (HDO) and XYZ Optics.

Despite the Flak 2.0’s XL’s curved build, the addition of HDO means your vision remains just as razor-sharp by correction the refraction of the light travelling through the lens to offer both athletes and streetwear connoisseurs uncompromised, accurate vision.

What’s more, XYZ Optics mean the sunglasses lenses are cut from the same sheet of material, at the same angle, to guarantee the perfect optical alignment. That’s not all, the lenses thickness is tapered from the centre to the edge which – just like High Definition Optics – helps reduce the refraction of light to keep your vision as crisp as possible.

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