Marshall Jefferson – size? Manchester

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For the latest instalment of size? sessions, we invited house music legend Marshall Jefferson down to size? Manchester.

The origins of house music itself span all the way back to the very early ’80s when – after the decline of disco in the late ’70s – a new sound began to form. Fuelled by synths and electronic drum machines such as the Roland TR-808, repetitive beats were looped over and over to get your feet moving.

One of the producers who has been at the forefront of the movement for over 30 years is Chicago-born Marshall Jefferson. A true innovator, his classic ‘Move Your Body’ was one of the first tracks to debut the classic piano riff – a feature which has become synonymous with some of the most recognised house records ever produced.

Recently celebrating the release of his autobiography ‘Diary of a DJ’, Marshall joined us in size? Manchester for a 2hr set alongside fellow house DJ and pioneer of the UK scene Jon Dasilva. Playing a host of house classics throughout the set, Jefferson was on hand to sign copies of his book for those loyal fans who’ve been listening to his work ever since the sound first hit UK shores.

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